Student Services

Ask a Law Librarian

Please feel free to contact any of our reference librarians with your research assistance questions. We are always happy to see you at the reference desk, but you may also want to stop by one of our offices, or call/email us.

Librarian Telephone Email Office
Sibyl Marshall 974-5906 104
Nathan Preuss 974-6736 105

Audio-Visual Support

Classrooms in the College of Law are equipped with an assortment of projectors and flat panel displays.  Most rooms include a computer and a Document Camera and many include a DVD/VHS player.  For details about the equipment available in a specific room log into the myUTLaw portal and select the IT Help tile under Technology.  If you need assistance for your classroom presentation, moot court team, etc. please contact Jeff Groah at 865-974-6731 or

The library maintains a limited assortment of audio-visual equipment for checkout for classroom use. Examples of some of the items available include tablets, video cameras & cassette recorders.

The library also offers a station for viewing DVD’s and other visual media. This station is in the Computer Lab, which is located on the Ground Floor of the Library. You may wish to check out headphones, which are kept on reserve at the Circulation Desk.

Assistance may be available to help set up equipment for video recording of mock negotiation sessions, client counseling, and so on. Please contact Jeff Groah at 865-974-6731 (or to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

CALI Lessens

CALI, the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, offers over 600 interactive online lessons for law students, designed to supplement and enhance learning in almost every legal subject. You will need a password to access CALI lessons. Passwords are distributed via cards placed in student mailboxes at the beginning of each school year. If you have misplaced your card, you may contact any reference librarian to receive the password. Requests must be made either in person or from your official UTK email account. Call or email a Reference librarian.

Checking Out and Renewing Library Materials

As this library is primarily set up for in-house academic research, many of our materials do not circulate, or circulate only for brief periods of time. If you do want to check something out, bring it to the Circulation Desk and we will let you know the circulation period (if any). Here are our circulation, renewal, and fine/blocking policies for students:


Most books will check out for either 2 weeks or 3 days, depending on the type of book. Please bring the book to the Circulation Desk so that we can determine the circulation period. Books on Secured Reserve check out for 2 hours. Audiovisual materials (such as DVD’s) check out for 24 hours.


Items checked out on a 14-day loan may be renewed up to two times by telephone, email, or by logging into the library catalog with your NetID and password. Renewals will be permitted unless the item has been recalled, or has a hold placed on it. If an item has been requested by another patron you will be informed that it cannot be renewed. Students who have had their library check-out privileges suspended (see below) will not be able to renew items until the suspension has been lifted.

Overdue and Lost Items

The law library does not charge overdue fines for items that are checked out for 14 day or three day periods.  Items on 2-hour or 24-hour check out accumulate overdue fines at 25 cents per hour, with a maximum fine of $20.
Fines and fees must be paid at the circulation desk or by mail and may only be accepted by a full time library staff member. Full time library staff are generally available to take fines/fees  from 8 AM – 9 PM Monday-Thursday, and 8 AM – 5 PM on Fridays. We accept cash or check only. To pay by mail, mail your check, plus a copy of a fine/fee notice (if available) to:

Jeff Groah, Circulation Supervisor
Joel A. Katz Law Library
1505 W. Cumberland Ave.
Knoxville TN 37996-1800
We will provide you a receipt for your payment.

Having any overdue items may result in loss of library borrowing privileges until the item is returned and the account cleared.

When an item is long overdue, the Law Library declares that item lost and issues a bill for replacement and a processing fee. When the bill is issued, a hold is also placed on all of the student’s records and accounts at the campus level. If/when the item is returned in satisfactory condition, the replacement and processing fees will be waived, but any accumulated overdue fines must still be paid.

Books on 2 week circulation are declared lost after 21 days overdue.
Books/periodicals on 3 day circulation are declared lost after 10 days overdue.
DVD’s/books/other items on 24 hour or 2 hour circulation are declared lost after 5 days overdue.

Books and other items that have been recalled or have a hold on them are declared lost 3 days after the due date/recall due date.

The library sends courtesy notices of overdue and lost items to the email address that we have on file for you. If we do not have an email address, we will send a courtesy notice to a physical address that we have on file for you. Borrowers have a responsibility to notify the library of changes to their email and physical addresses. These notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive a notice does not relieve the borrower of responsibility.


Any patron may request that the library place a hold or recall on an item that is checked out. Once done, the patron who has it checked out may not renew it. When it is returned, it will be held for you at the circulation desk and you will be sent an email notice that your item is waiting for you. Recalls must be placed in person at the circulation desk, or by email from your official UTK email account. To place a hold by email, email Circulation at Please provide as much information as you can (title, author, volume number, call number, etc.) about the title you want held. You may also wish to provide a telephone number so that we can contact you immediately to resolve any issues that arise under the hold.

Recalled items: When an item is recalled, a new due date may be assigned (the new recall due date will vary, depending on the type of item and the patron who has it checked out).  A Recall notice will be sent to the original borrower to advise them of the new due date. Failure to return a recalled item by its new due date may result in the accumulation of overdue fines or the suspension of borrowing privileges or both. When a recalled item is returned, it will be held for the new patron at the circulation desk and an email notice will be sent to the new patron that the item is waiting at the circulation desk.

Computer Lab

The Law School Computer Lab is located on the Ground Floor of the Law Library.  There are an assortment of Windows and Mac computers.  Use your NetID to log on to any of these computers.


The Library maintains a Multi-function Printer on each floor for student use.  These machines may be used as a copier, as a printer, or as a scanner.

To use as a copier, you must have funds available on your VolCard Account.  Swipe your ID through the CBORD card reader to activate the machine. Copies cost six cents per page.

These machines may be used as printers through the VolPrint system.  Log into the print release station at the printer to find and print your print job.  For more information on printing see Printing at the Law Library below.

To use as a Scanner, select the FAX/SCAN function on the touchscreen.  You may scan to e-mail or to a USB memory stick.  Scanning is free.

Please let someone at the circulation desk know if you need assistance using the copiers, or if one of the machines is not working properly.

If you are working as a law faculty research assistant, your professor should make the necessary arrangements for you to have access to the faculty copier on the third floor of the College building, in the administrative suite; and/or to use the copy service in the basement. We do not have copy facilities in the library to make special accommodations for faculty research assistants here.

Course Materials

To locate available materials (including sample exams) from your professor, search by professor’s last name or course name in the catalog. You will need your university NetID and password to access electronic course materials and sample exams. If you do not know your university NetID and password, visit this page to get them:

Hard copy materials placed on Course Reserve may also be located using the catalog above. You can check out hard copy course materials at the circulation desk. Just tell the circulation staff your professor’s name, the name of the item that you want and that it is course material. Course materials circulate for two hours.

Exams on File

To access sample exams placed on reserve by your professor, search by professor’s last name or course name in the box above (under the course materials heading) or in the catalog. You will need your university NetID and password to access electronic course reserves and sample exams. If you do not know your university NetID and password, visit this page to get them:

Facsimile Services at the Law School

For job search related fax needs see the Career Services Office. All other fax needs should be addressed through the Dean’s Office.

Faculty Research Assistants

If you are working as a faculty research assistant, please have your professor contact one of the reference librarians to let us know. We can arrange for you to be able to check out books and other materials on behalf of the faculty member, and for any research assistance or additional training you might need.  There is a more complete description of available services at the Library Guide: Research Assistant Training Guide.

Interlibrary Loan (Getting Materials from Other Libraries)

Interlibrary Loan serves UT Law faculty, staff, and students by locating and delivering materials not available at the Law Library or the UT Knoxville University Libraries.

To place a request for an interlibrary loan, login to the College of Law Portal using your UT NetID and password. Under the ‘Library’ heading, select the ‘Interlibrary Loan’ button. Please provide as much information about the item as possible and verify that your personal information is correct.

Interlibrary loan items generally take between one to three weeks to arrive after placing the request. You will receive an email when the material arrives.

Contact or 865-974-1823 if you have questions regarding interlibrary loan requests.

If Hodges or another UT Knoxville library owns the material, you can usually have the item delivered to the Law School through Library Express, which will notify you when it arrives. Click here to use Click here to use Library Express.

Journals/Moot Court/Mock Trial Teams

We strive to serve the extra needs of our student publications and intercollegiate competitive teams. Students involved in these publications and teams may be entitled to additional printing allocations in the library. If study rooms are available on the third floor, we may be able to assign a locked study room for use by your team. Reference librarians are available to provide additional research training to your group. If you need library materials that are unavailable for any reason at our library, we can attempt to get them for you, either by requesting to borrow them from other libraries or considering them for purchase for our own collection.

Service Contact Phone Email
Additional printing Susan Mills 865-974-9878
Study Rooms Susan Mills 865-974-9878
Research seminar Nathan Preuss 865-974-6736
Library materials Sibyl Marshall 865-974-5906

Library Lockers

Lockers are available in the library for law student check-out. These lockers are free and are checked out to you for the entire academic year. Information about the checkout procedure will be distributed in the beginning of the fall semester or by request at the Circulation Desk. We do not recommend that you leave valuable items in your locker, particularly where they may be visible to passersby (the front of the locker is a see-through wire mesh). You are responsible for turning in your locker key at the end of the academic year – if it is late or lost, it will be treated as any other late library material. If you have lost the key, please let us know immediately so that we can get the locker re-keyed.

We also check out lockers over the summer term to law students who are in Knoxville for the summer. For summer check out, please inquire at the circulation desk. If we have lockers available, we also may check them out to our immediate graduates who are studying for the bar in Knoxville. Again, please inquire at the circulation desk for this service.

Passwords for LexisNexis and Westlaw

You will receive your LexisNexis and Westlaw passwords as part of 1L orientation. Training will be provided in your Legal Research I and II classes. If you have forgotten your passwords, contact a reference librarian for assistance. If you are a transfer student, contact a reference librarian for help in moving your accounts from your prior school to the University of Tennessee College of Law.

Popular Movies

The library has a small collection of popular law-related movie titles available for check-out (24 hour loan period). Do a Title search for a movie you are interested in, or inquire at the circulation desk.

Printing at the Law Library

Printers are located in the Computer Lab on the Ground Floor and near the elevator on other floors in the library.  Printing fees are administered through the VolPrint system.  Law Students accounts are credited with $30.00 each academic year.  Students enrolled in summer classes will be provided with an additional $8.00 credit for printing during the summer session.  For more information on wireless/remote printing, click here.

See the computer support pages for more information.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are available on the ground through third floors of the library. All library policies must be followed while in study rooms. These study rooms are not soundproofed, so please be courteous to your fellow law students in the library and keep your voices down while talking in study rooms.

Law student study groups have priority for study rooms. A select number of study rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance. Only law study groups may reserve study rooms. To reserve a room, log in to myUTLaw and click the Study Rooms tile in the Library pane. Rooms may be reserved for up to three hours, and you will need to provide at least two law student names for the reservation.

Individuals or non-law students may use a study room, but will be asked to vacate it if it has been reserved by law students. If a group has reserved a room but only one of that group is present and using the room, that individual will be required to vacate the room if a group requests to use it. However, individual law students will not be required to vacate the room in deference to a group of non-law students.

Group rooms on the third floor are typically reserved for use by moot court and similar teams, or for professors who require additional workspace for ongoing projects. If your moot court team would like to request that a locked study room on the third floor be assigned to you, please contact Susan Mills at 865-974-9878 or Library policies must still be followed in locked study rooms, and repeated violations of library policies will result in your room being reassigned or made available for general use.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student, please contact our Head of Public Services, Sibyl Marshall, at or 865-974-5906. She will arrange for your LexisNexis and Westlaw accounts to be transferred here and will be pleased to give you a tour of the law library, explain our student services, and answer any questions you may have.