Dwight Aarons
Associate Professor of Law
Renee Nicole Allen
Director of Academic Success
Eric Franklin Amarante
Assistant Professor
Patti Anderson
Administrative Support Assistant II
Brad Areheart
Associate Professor of Law
Carol Armstrong
Administrative Specialist II
Ramona Armstrong
Administrative Services Assistant
Wendy Bach
Associate Professor
Benjamin Barton
Helen and Charles Lockett Distinguished Professor of Law
Teri Dobbins Baxter
Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Professor of Law
Doug Blaze
Dean Emeritus, Art Stolnitz and Elvin E. Overton Distinguished Professor of Law, and Director of the Institute for Professional Leadership
Robert C. Blitt
Professor of Law
Chris Bombardo
Director of Technology Services
Sheryl Branson
Senior Administrative Services Assistant
Kay Brown
Career Services Advisor
Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown Administrative Support Assistant II
Lindsey Brown
Accounting Specialist II
Law Library, Room 225
Zack Buck
Associate Professor of Law
Sarah Busse
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Ashley Cate
Senior Library Associate III
Law Library, Room 222
Sandra Chambers
Business Manager
Scott Childs
Professor and Associate Dean for Library & Technology Services
Joe Christian
Assistant Director Career Center
Ellen Cole
Associate Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs
Carol Collins
Associate Professor and Head of Technical Services for the Law Library
Jason Collver
Access to Justice Coordinator
Judy Cornett
Distinguished Professor of Law
Michelle Cosby
Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Law Library
Carolyn Dossett
Senior Admissions Specialist, Recruiting Coordinator
Cathrynn Dupes
Coordinator of Stewardship and Alumni Affairs
Stephen Evans
Senior Director of Development
Cindy Farabow
Administrative Support Specialist I
Eliza Fink
Assistant Professor and Digital Resources and Services Librarian
Elizabeth Ford
Administrative Support Specialist III
Micki Fox
Business Manager, Tennessee Law Review/CLE Coordinator
Daniel Freeman
Senior IT Technologist II
Iris Goodwin
Associate Professor of Law
Jeff Groah
Circulation Supervisor and Classroom Technology Coordinator
Sean Gunter
Administrative Support Specialist III
Janet Hatcher
Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Joan MacLeod Heminway
Rick Rose Distinguished Professor of Law
Michael Higdon
Professor of Law and Director of Legal Writing
Lisa Holden
Coordinator, Legal Clinic
Gennie Hope-Davian
Administrative Specialist
Becky Jacobs
Waller Lansden Distinguished Professor of Law
Lucy Jewel
Professor of Law and Director of Legal Writing
Brian Krumm
Associate Professor of Law
George Kuney
Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor of Law
Michelle Kwon
Associate Professor of Law
Jenny Lackey
Administrative Specialist II
Celisse Lambert
Assistant Director of Admissions
Don Leatherman
W. Allen Separk Distinguished Professor of Law
Alex Long
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Doug Blaze Distinguished Professor of Law
Sibyl Marshall
Associate Professor and Head of Public Services, Law Library
Rachel Wedding McClelland
Director of Communications
William Davenport Mercer
Brad Morgan
Director of Career Center
Katrice W. Jones Morgan
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Stephanie A. Neal
Director of Development
Tammy Neff
Administrative Support Assistant III
Beth Offshack
Library Information Services Coordinator - Circulation and Reserve
Jill-Anne Owen
Administrative Specialist II
Jennifer Ownby
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Teresa Peterson
Assistant Dean for Finance, Administration, and Operations
Amy Phillips
Student Services Assistant II
Thomas Plank
Joel A. Katz Distinguished Professor of Law
Nathan Preuss
Associate Professor and Reference/Student Services Librarian
Leslie Principe
Senior Library Associate III
Gary Pulsinelli
Associate Professor of Law
Joy Radice
Associate Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs
Glenn Reynolds
Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law
Nick Romano
IT Analyst II
Briana Rosenbaum
Associate Professor of Law
Miranda Rutan
Communications Specialist
Stan Sands
Coordinator, Mail and Duplication Services
Paula Schaefer
Professor of Law
Suzanne Smalley
Library Supervisor III
Gregory M. Stein
Woolf, McClane, Bright, Allen & Carpenter Distinguished Professor of Law
Maurice Stucke
Professor of Law
Mike Taylor
Senior IT Technologist II
Amber Turner
Accounting Specialist II
Valorie Vojdik
Waller Lansden Distinguished Professor of Law
Penny White
E.E. Overton Distinguished Professor of Law, Director of the Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution
Melanie D. Wilson
Dean and Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor of Law
Jamie Wilson
Web Developer
David Wolitz
Associate Professor of Law