Faculty/Staff Services

Faculty/Staff Services

Ask a Law Librarian

Please contact a reference librarian to assist with research assistance questions. We are always happy to see you at the reference desk, but you may also want to stop by one of our offices, phone, or email us. 

Rebecca Kite
Law Library, Room 106

Sibyl Marshall
Law Library, Room 104

Nathan Preuss
Law Library, Room 105

Audio-Visual Support

The library offers an assortment of audio-visual equipment for classroom use. Examples of some of the items available include LCD projectors, laptop computers, video cameras (analog and digital), digital cameras, televisions, DVD and VHS players, ELMO’s/document cameras, overhead projectors, and audio equipment. If you need to use audio-visual equipment, or want to video record an event, contact Jeff Groah by email or call 865-974-6731 at least 24 hours in advance to make the necessary arrangements.


CALI, the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, offers hundreds of interactive online lessons for law students, as well as dozens of free, open-resource casebooks and other educational materials. If you want to explore CALI lessons or other educational materials, reach out to Sibyl Marshall for the faculty access code you will need to set up your CALI account.

Checking out and Renewing Library Materials

With only a few exceptions, UT law employees may check out items for one calendar year. A few library items do not circulate at all and cannot be checked out by faculty or staff. However, you are welcome and encouraged to use these materials in the library itself. Faculty and staff can renew items by contacting the Circulation Desk 865-974-7419 or emailing lawcirc@utk.edu.

Faculty and staff may arrange to have items checked out and delivered to their offices by contacting a reference librarian. We will do our best to have your requested library materials delivered on a same-day basis.

Course Reserve and Course Materials

A faculty member who wants a book, journal article, or other item, such as a video or DVD placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk, should contact Beth Offshack (865-974-1823).

We can also place items such as sample exams, articles, and cases in our online Course Materials . You may either send an electronic file or paper hard copy, which we will scan and convert to a PDF document. We will place your items on our server and enter them into the catalog, so that your students can access them via the Course Materials function in the catalog. We will also send you back a link to the item, so that you can add a link on your course’s TWEN page, your faculty information web page, or elsewhere. Access to online course reserves and sample exams is limited to College of Law users, using a NetID and password.

If you want to place items such as opinions, statutes, or articles on reserve and have the citations but no actual files, please contact a reference librarian. We will work with you to retrieve the items for you and place them on online reserve. Lengthy documents or many citations may require extra lead time in order for us to locate the documents and make them available.


The library provides support for faculty and faculty administrative assistants in using the workload tracking system Elements. Contact your library liaison or Sibyl Marshall for assistance and troubleshooting. We also have an online guide to using Elements.

Faculty Research Assistants

In order for your research assistant to check out law library materials on your behalf, you should contact a member of the reference or circulation department, and we will place a note in your library patron record stating that your research assistant is allowed to check materials out to you. No proxy card is needed. Please do not ask your research assistant to check materials out for you to use under your assistant’s personal library account.

Proxy Cards

If, however, you want your student research assistants to be able to check out materials on your behalf from Hodges Library or another UT Knoxville library, you will need to obtain a proxy card for him or her. Learn more about obtaining proxy cards.

Training for Faculty Research Assistants

The reference librarians can provide additional research training for your research assistant. Just let us know what general types of projects your research assistant will be working on and the types of materials they will be looking for, and we will conduct a customized training session just for your assistant. If you know of any specific sources or methods that you want your research assistant trained in, let us know and we will focus on those.

Faculty Research Service

The library has a small pool of research assistants, trained and supervised by reference librarians. These research assistants are available at no cost to work on faculty and committee research projects (within certain guidelines). To discuss a potential project for the Faculty Research Service, email or phone Eliza Boles at 865-974-0236.

Interlibrary Loan (Borrowing materials from other libraries)

Interlibrary Loan serves UT Law faculty, staff, and students by locating and delivering materials not available at the Law Library or the UT Knoxville University Libraries.

Click here to place a request for an interlibrary loan. Please provide as much information about the item as possible and verify that your personal information is correct. You may also contact a reference librarians or Jessica Anderson for assistance.

Interlibrary loan items generally take between one to three weeks to arrive after placing the request. You will receive an email when the material arrives.

If Hodges or another UT Knoxville library owns the material, you can usually have the item delivered to the Law School through Library Express, which will notify you when it arrives. Click here to use Library Express.

Journal Routing

Contact Natalie Cleghorn or your library liaison, to have your favorite law reviews or journals regularly routed to your office.

Journals/Moot Court/Mock Trial Teams

We strive to serve the extra needs of our student publications and intercollegiate competitive teams. Students involved in these publications and teams may be entitled to additional printing allocations in the library. We can also arrange to have high-denomination copy cards created for your team members (upon provision of your budget fund number so that we can arrange reimbursement). If study rooms are available on the third floor, we may be able to assign a locked study room for use by your team. Reference librarians are available to provide additional research training to your group. If you need library materials that are unavailable for any reason at our library, we can attempt to get them for you, either by requesting to borrow them from other libraries or considering them for purchase for our own collection.

Additional Printing, Copy Cards, and Study Rooms
Gennie Hope-Davian

Library Materials Acquisition
Sibyl Marshall

Research Seminar
Nathan Preuss


Perma.cc is a web archiving service that allows legal scholars to create and archive an image of a web page as it exists on the day it is used by that scholar. This can be extremely useful if you are citing to web pages in your publications or other scholarly work and  do not want your citations to lose their impact due to “link rot.” If you would like to set up a Perma.cc account so that you or your assistant can create and add perma.cc links to your scholarship, contact Nathan Preuss. Alternately, the librarians will be happy to create and insert the perma.cc links for you. Contact Nathan Preuss or your library liaison to make arrangements.

Purchase Suggestions

If there is a book, journal, database, DVD, or other item that you would like to see added to the library collection, email or phone Sibyl Marshall at 974-5906.

Request Book/Article/Document Delivery

Contact a reference librarian to request office delivery of a book, article, case opinion, or other document. Please give us as much information as you have about the item you need, and tell us your preferred method of delivery (hard copy, PDF, link to Westlaw version, etc.), which we will try to accommodate. Our goal is to get you any items that we hold in the library within twenty-four hours, but we can typically provide materials more quickly – just ask and we will let you know what the expected delivery timeframe is.

Study Rooms

Occasionally study rooms on the third floor may be available for assignment to faculty members working on group or ongoing projects with extra space needs. To see if third floor study rooms are available for faculty assignment, email or phone Gennie Hope-Davian at 865-974-9878. You may be asked to temporarily clear out the study room so that we can make it available for student use when demand is highest, immediately prior to and during exam periods.

Teaching Support

The reference librarians will be happy to design a legal research component for your class, including any or all of the following: guest lecturing in your class on legal research sources and skills for your subject, library and online exercises for your students, or compiling a bibliography or web-based pathfinder of sources for your students to use.


The Office of Technology Services provides technical assistance for all computers, peripherals, network servers, and software owned by the College of Law. This includes technical support for:

  • All College of Law computers and peripherals provided for faculty and staff use
  • All computers and peripherals in the College of Law computer lab
  • All approved software installed on those computers

Need assistance? Send an e-mail to lawhelp@utk.edu.

Help With Personal Technology and E-mail

Personally owned computing hardware and software are not supported by the College of Law. Find the College of Law IT support staff here. The university’s Office of Information Technology Helpdesk provides additional support, including for official e-mail accounts.


Contact Us

Joel A. Katz Law Library
1505 W. Cumberland Ave.

Knoxville, Tennessee 37996

Phone: 865-974-7419
E-mail: lawref@utk.edu

Contact Us

Joel A. Katz Law Library
1505 W. Cumberland Ave.

Knoxville, Tennessee 37996

Phone: 865-974-7419
E-mail: lawref@utk.edu