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Academic Success Program


The Voluntary Orientation for Legal Learning and Writing is a two-day, pre-orientation program where, through small learning groups, collaboration, and feedback, students learn about factors that contribute to academic and professional success. VOLLAW is a collaborative effort of the Academic Success Program, Legal Writing Program, Career Center, and faculty. Students from non-traditional backgrounds or who have an atypical educational profile are particularly encouraged to attend.

First-year students

First-year students are encouraged to participate in the Problem-Solving Seminar. The seminar is designed to help new law students find success in law school by connecting the law school classroom experience with final exams, the bar exam, and the practice of law. First-year students who actively engage in the seminar will be able to exercise time and stress management skills to balance work and life, identify and articulate the framework of a substantive course and a legal work product, monitor and improve learning through self-assessment and reflection, identify and effectively use appropriate problem-solving strategies, and resolve problems through effective written legal analysis.

Law Fellows, upper-level students selected for their academic excellence, teaching ability, and leadership in the law school community, serve as mentors to students participating in the seminar. Law Fellows provide valuable feedback designed to guide students in developing active and practical strategies for learning.

Upper-level students

Upper-level students are encouraged to attend seminars designed to raise awareness about the bar exam and bar exam preparation. Seminar topics include selecting the “right” commercial bar course, introduction to the Uniform Bar Exam, and mastering the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). Third- year students can jumpstart their preparation for the bar exam by enrolling in Bar Examination: Law, Skills & Strategies.

All students are encouraged to meet with the ASP Director during office hours or schedule an appointment to discuss any academic success and bar preparation questions or concerns.

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