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We want to help you start your career successfully. The staff of the Career Center will help you form a career plan during your first semester at UT Law. But it doesn’t end there—as an alumnus, you’ll have access to our resources, counseling services, and more. So, let’s get started.


1L Career Integration Program

A hallmark of UT Law’s career services program is the 1L Career Integration Program. Through this team consultation and coaching plan, programs and services are delivered sequentially to support students’ evolving needs for information and support as they engage in the career development process.

An Introduction to Career Services seminar is held during Orientation to familiarize first-year students with the staff, programs, and services of the Career Center the university’s Career Services office.

In the Job Market session, students learn about the legal job market nationwide using the most recent graduating class as a reference. Patterns in employment and compensation based on job setting and geography are introduced.

During the Job Search Toolkit workshop, students are introduced to the legal résumé, specialized letters of interest, and the nature of the job search strategy.

Each 1L student is encouraged to schedule a Getting to Know You session in October or November. In these individual sessions with the Career Center staff, the advising relationship begins by discussing the types of job settings the student wants to explore while in law school and his or her preferences for where he or she wants to live and work. The timetable for recruitment and hiring in the job settings of interest to the student are discussed, and the student leaves the meeting with an understanding of the next steps in developing a job search strategy and putting it in motion.

Finally, students are encouraged to participate in a Using Resources workshop. Students learn about many of the websites and print resources that law students use in their job searches and begin to identify the techniques they will use in their job search strategy and timetable.

Please note that the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), of which UT Law is a member school, asks member schools to refrain from offering placement services to first-semester, first-year law students before October 15.