Appellate Clinic students Alex Thomason and Garrett Ward argue before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

UT Law Appellate Clinic students Alex Thomason (3L) and Garrett Ward (3L) recently argued Douglas Weissert v. Carmen Palmer before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, seeking post-conviction relief for violations of their client’s Sixth Amendment confrontation right and the Fifth Amendment right to counsel.

Thomason and Ward were assisted by Derek Mullins, who participated in the brief writing process; and Ryan Shanahan, Andrew Fels, and Christine Ball-Blakely, who contributed to the advocacy effort in various ways. Professors Lucy Jewel and Wade Davies supervised the students in the Appellate Clinic this year. The hearing was held April 25 and can be heard online at 15-2292 Douglas Weissert v Carmen Palmer.

“Mr. Ward and Mr. Thomason did a stunning job,” said Jewel. She said she was especially proud of the praise the students received from the judges at the end of the hearing.

“I want to compliment both of you,” Judge Alice M. Batchelder told the students. “You have done a fine job of representing your client. Very, very nicely done.”

“You did an excellent job,” Senior Judge Richard F. Suhrheinrich added. “You’ve heard the advocacy here. You know you’re right up there, beyond, I think.”