Semester in Residence

Students are immersed in a unique learning experience

The Semester in Residence is designed to provide students with an immersive, capstone educational experience in their area of interest during the final semester of law school. Students are partnered with employers who are uniquely suited to the student’s interest. Placements take place during the final semester of a student’s third-year in law school.

Goals of the program
  • Provide 30+ hours per week of immersive legal experience. Each selected placement provides an immersive practice experience, allowing a student substantial opportunities to perform lawyering tasks under supervision of a lawyer. Students work 30 hours each week (over 15 weeks) to gain 10 hours of credit in the placement.
  • Advance legal education goals of UT Law students. The Semester in Residence is designed to be a capstone educational experience for a third-year law student. As such, we partner with offices that can provide legal experiences in our students’ areas of professional interest. Students can use the semester as a bridge to practice, building their knowledge and skills with hands-on experience.
  • Helps fulfill our educational mission. Each placement is committed to our mission of preparing law students for practice. In order to grow and improve, students need guidance and feedback on their work. Placements provide students with that guidance and feedback in order to make this an excellent educational experience.
For additional information about the program, contact Professor Paula Schaefer.
My supervisors were excellent teachers and were always willing to explain the thought process or purpose behind some facet of litigation. I was able to ask questions as they arose.
Jon Fromke
Nashville Semester in Residence participant, Spring 2018