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About the Institute

The Institute for Professional Leadership focuses on helping students identify and develop their leadership skills, professional values, and career path through interdisciplinary programming beyond a strictly legal context.

The Institute builds on UT Law’s pro bono and mentoring programming by offering courses and practicums in public service and leadership. The Institute also offers extracurricular programming in leadership and professional development, including extensive collaboration with the college’s Bettye B. Lewis Career Center.

The purpose of the Institute is clear. Leaders today face challenges of incredible breadth and complexity, and the problems we face as a society can only be solved by trained and committed leaders. 

While legal education has played a role in addressing these problems, it has been indirect and fairly inefficient. However, law schools like the University of Tennessee College of Law can and should step forward and become much more intentional about training our our students.

We offer future lawyers the guidance and encouragement to develop the values that are essential to success in the practice of law. 

The Six-Pack Series

The Six-Pack Series, produced by the Institute for Professional Leadership, features prominent leaders answering the same six questions about leadership, and passing along their lessons and philosophies about leadership and service to the next generation.

Doug Blaze

Director and Founder

Institute for Professional Leadership

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Buck Lewis

Larry Wilks Distinguished
Practioner in Residence