Stucke discusses frequency of challenges to the air industry

Stucke, MauriceMaurice Stucke, a UT Law professor and former trial attorney with the US Department of Justice Antitrust Division, recently discussed the frequency of antitrust class actions aimed at the air industry in recent years and what the public should watch for in the future.

In comments to Law360, Stucke said that “the frequency of challenges to the air industry is likely due in part to a wave of mergers that have made it easier for airlines to raise prices without fears of being undercut.”

“You have a consolidated industry, then you have as a result … anticompetitive effects: higher rates, reduced quality, a reduction of the level of services,” Stucke said. “If the airlines are striking out on all three … and the reason they are able to do this is because of a lack of competition, then that sort of is the heartland of antitrust.”

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