Student Organizations

The UT College of Law is pleased to providelinks to officially-recognized student organizations that are in good standing. These organizations are solely responsible for maintaining the content of their pages. Any questions regarding these pages should be directed to the appropriate individual in each organization. Not all active organizations have a web presence at this time.




American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy is a group of students concerned about the pervasive conservative orthodoxy in American law and politics. We believe deeply in the importance of law as the mechanism, which governs the relationships between and among the individuals and institutions that form our society, and we recognize the direct relationship between legal theory and the broader political debate about the kind of society in which we live.

The mission of the American Constitution Society is to harness these values of compassion and respect for each individual, and to re-incorporate them into American law and politics, in order to build a stronger and more decent national community. We seek to restore the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice to their rightful — and traditionally central — place in American law. We want to strengthen the intellectual underpinnings of — and the public case for — a vision of the law in which these values are paramount. Our goal is a rekindling of the hope that by reason and decency, we can create an America that is better for us all.

Animal Law/SALDF

Animal Law/SALDF is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law.

Asian Law Students Association

The purpose of the Asian Law Students Association is to provide personal, academic, and professional opportunities for Asian law students.

Black Law Student Association

The National Black Law Students Association is a professional organization committed to articulating and promoting the educational, professional, political, and social needs and goals of Black law students. Founded in 1968, NBLSA is the largest student-run organization in the United States with over 6,000 members. Organized into six geographical regions, NBLSA boasts over 200 chapters, including chapters and affiliates in six other countries. Though headquartered in Washington, D.C., NBLSA hosts an annual convention in one its chapters’ cities across the United States. The 2012 National Convention will take place in DC in March 2012.

The Marilyn Yarbrough Chapter of the University of Tennessee, a member of the Southern region, effects NBLSA’s goals through a variety of initiatives, including academic and professional workshops, mentoring programs, the annual Blackshear Banquet, the charity ball, the BLSA buddy program, and the College Student Division. The chapter voted in 2011 to adopt the moniker of Marilyn Yarbrough, the first African-American law school dean at UT and the entire Southeast, who was a tireless advocate for diversity and academic excellence.

Business and Tax Law Association

The Business and Tax Law Association seeks to bring students interested in Business and Tax Law together to learn more about the topics. Additionally, BTLA brings members of the bar and legal academia for talks and insightful discussions about the topic with interested students in a friendly setting. Through its events, BTLA seeks to increase the knowledge and interest of students in the areas of Business and Tax law.

Criminal Law Society

The purpose of the Criminal Law Society is to provide an informal resource for persons interested in pursuing a career in criminal law.

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society seeks to develop and maintain a vibrant Christian law student presence on campus, enabling its members, individually and as a group, to love the Lord with their hearts, souls, and minds and to love their neighbors as themselves (Matthew 22:37-40). To that end, this chapter will:

  • Cultivate spiritual growth among its members.
  • Show the love of Christ to the campus community by proclaiming the gospel in word and in deed.
  • Learn how to submit every aspect of one’s calling in the legal profession to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Enlace, the Latino Law Student Association

The mission of Enlace, the Latino Law Student Association at the University of Tennessee College of Law, is to prepare its members for their professional roles in society, and to promote awareness of Latino interests and issues in the legal community and within the College of Law. The organization provides its members with a strong academic and social support system by advancing the interests and welfare of the members as well as those of the law school community as a whole. 

Environmental Law Association/Organization

Environmental Law organization’s statement is: The Environmental Law Organization seeks to connect its members to each other and the broader environmental law community, inform them of the environmental law and policy issues they are likely to encounter during their careers, and empower them to confront those issues thoughtfully and practically.

The Fashion and Business Law Society

The Fashion and Business Law Society at the University of Tennessee College of Law seeks to generate awareness, interest, and dialogue about the significant impact that various practice areas within the law have on both the creative and business components of the fashion industry.

The Federalist Society

The Federalist Society is a non-partisan group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the law and legal system. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.”

Health Law Society

The mission of the Health Law Society at the University of Tennessee College of Law is to provide a venue for students interested in health law to discuss current health law issues and to generate greater awareness of those issues among the College of Law community. In addition, the Health Law Society seeks to link the College of Law community to learning opportunities regarding health law both on campus and in the community at large.

International Law Society

The purpose of the International Law Society is to promote and foster interest and awareness in international law and international affairs generally throughout the law school community by hosting speakers, discussion sessions and symposia. The group works to promote the importance of international law and show the varieties of opportunities available in the field.

Lambda Law

Lambda Law Society is a student organization dedicated to promoting diversity education and awareness, fellowship, and discussion both in the UT Law community and in the greater Knoxville area. Lambda Law Society includes members, friends, and allies of the LGBTQ community, and anybody interested in issues relating to civil rights, gender, and sexuality in the law. We believe that everyone has a diverse perspective to offer, and that sharing these perspectives will strengthen us as individuals, community members, and attorneys.

Law Men

The purpose of Law Men is to provide opportunities for members of the University of Tennessee College of Law to engage in activities that address issues affecting men in the legal field.
Law Men strives to provide Members of the College of Law with opportunities to engage in the following:

  • Discussion of issues relevant to men in the legal community;
  • Social and networking events;
  • Professional development opportunities; and
  • Community service.

Law Women

Law Women’s mission is to emphasize and address issues of concern to women within the legal profession and academic community. Law Women strives to:

  • Raise awareness of issues related to women’s participation in the judicial system;
  • Promote career opportunities for women within the legal profession;
  • Act as a forum for networking with attorneys and other legal professionals; and
  • Coordinate activities within the university community that address issues of concern to women.

Law Women accepts members–both male and female–who are committed to advancing these goals.

Military Law Society

The Military Law Society is dedicated to promoting knowledge and awareness military law issues among law students, law professionals, and members of America’s armed forces.

Moot Court Board

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International strives to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

The Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The purpose of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society is to promote an interest in and understanding of the issues and new developments associated with the sports and entertainment law fields, and to aid in networking between University of Tennessee students and alumni who have an interest in the sports and entertainment law fields.

The Student Bar Association

Sword and Scales

The purpose of Sword & Scales is to strengthen the community through fellowship, justice, and service while building a bridge between the College of Law and the greater University of Tennessee campus. We intend to bring together different graduate programs and the College of Law through joint social and service activities, including tailgates, socials, networking dinners, and community service projects.


TACDL offers benefits and support to its members such as amicus briefs, CLEs, members’ network, publications, resources and more. The association benefits from committees of member volunteers/ recommendations as liaisons, representatives (formed to help and support in the Tennessee state area for your practice) death penalty committee, forensic experts, juvenile defense, legislative, and publications.”

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