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Law school can be an intimidating endeavor. But at UT Law, we strive to remove the fear and leave the wonder. Choosing UT Law means choosing a school that has been doing it right for 125 years, and you’ll learn by doing. During your first year, our mentoring program pairs you with the best in the field to help you learn and grow. Later, externships and clinics put you into the legal world with a safety net. From day one, our pro bono program ensures that you learn the value of the Volunteer spirit, giving back to the communities that have built you. Three years later, you’ll leave the program a bit in awe of how it all came together. That’s the value of a UT Law degree: the hard work feels less like work and more like a victory.

Meet Hoai Robinette.

Originally from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, but with family ties to Knoxville, Hoai Robinette plans to join the US Air Force or Army JAG Corps. He is involved in a number of student activities at UT Law including UT Pro Bono, Phi Alpha Delta McReynolds Mock Trial Team, and the Tennessee Journal of Race, Gender, & Social Justice. Why does he love UT Law? “I love how friendships are developed in law school,” he says. “Starbucks will not fix the stress, panic attacks, and tireless nights; only the people that sit next to you will. They will not let you hang out to dry. After all, bonds are strengthened through challenges.” Reach out to Hoai for more info about the UT Law experience.


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