Flexible Schedule JD Program

Full-time J.D. students are limited in their ability during their first year to set their own course schedules. The College of Law’s Flexible Schedule J.D. Program allows students to take classes on a part-time and more flexible basis than the full-time J.D. program.

Students will take a reduced number of credit hours in their first two years and beyond. Class schedule permitting, students would take first-year and other required courses on days and times most convenient for them. After completing all of the required course, flex schedule students may continue to go to law school on a part-time basis, taking classes on days and times that fit their schedules. Courses are typically offered in the summer as well. Students participating in the program can expect to graduate within four or five years.


There is no separate application process for the program, but students who wish to pursue the flexible schedule option must indicate this fact on their application. Courses begin in the fall semester. There is no January admissions option.

Tuition and Course Enrollment

Students participating in the Flexible Schedule J.D. Program may take a maximum of 11 credit hours in a semester. All students must successfully complete 89 credit hours within five years to graduate.  Students participating in the program pay tuition on a per credit hour basis.


First Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Legal Process I (3)Legal Process II (3)
Criminal Law (3)Property (4)
Contracts I (3)Contracts II (3)
Lawyering & Professionalism (1)Transactional Lawyering Lab (1)


Second Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Civil Procedure I (3)Civil Procedure II (4)
Torts I (3)Torts II (2)
Professional Responsibility (3) or Constitutional Law (4)Professional Responsibility (3) or Constitutional Law (4)


Third year and beyond

Other required courses
Perspective Course
Expository Writing
Planning and Drafting

Experiential and elective courses totaling at least six credit hours