College of Law celebrates Black History Month

The College of Law will host a number of events throughout February in honor of Black History Month that highlight the Black experience and recognize a variety of cultural contributions.

Events will be held in person, and highlights of the Black History Month calendar include:

Feb. 14, Noon, Room 132 

Expungement 101 

Professor Joy Radice, along with the Black Law Student Association, will discuss the basics of expungement. Students will learn about the pro bono expungement process after a screening, what to expect when attending an actual expungement event and how the expungement process can assist in the restoration of voter’s rights. 

Feb. 15, Noon, Room 237

Race and the Supreme Court Symposium 

Professor Brooklyn Sawyers Belk, on behalf of the Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution and in partnership with the Black Law Student Association, offers the second of a two-part symposium titled Race and the Supreme Court. Students will share their research and projects on the topic along with their reflections on the future of race and the law. 

Feb. 20, Noon, Room 132

The Role of Law School Faculty in Perpetuating Segregation at UT Law

Professor Brianna Rosenbaum will discuss the history of segregation at the College of Law highlighting how faculty members helped to stall desegregation in a time that preceded Brown v. Board of Education. Rosenbaum will lead a panel discussion focusing on critical analysis of contemporary legal education and the parallels between the past and the present. Those who wish to read this history can view the draft of the article titled Deflect, Delay, Deny: A Case Study of Segregation by Law School Faculty, which will be published in the upcoming issue of the Tennessee Law Review. 

Feb. 22, Noon, Room 237

Black Women in Appellate Law Panel 

The Black Law Student Association will host a panel with Justice Kyra Harris Bolden, the first Black woman to serve as an Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court and Ashely Stewart, Esq., the first Black woman to argue in front of the Iowa Supreme Court.

For a full list of Black History month events taking place throughout the university, visit the campus events calendar.