Faculty Forum: June 2019

Faculty Forum is a monthly feature written by Teri Baxter highlighting the achievements of faculty at UT Law including publications in academia and the media, speaking engagements, interviews, awards, and other accomplishments.

Professor Zack Buck presented his article Affording Obamacare (forthcoming inHastings Law Journal) at the June 6, 2019 American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics Health Law Professors Conference at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Professor Joan Heminway presented preliminary data from her insider trading study at two recent academic conferences—the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting and the National Business Law Scholars Conference.  She also spoke on the use of traditional for-profit corporations for social enterprise at the Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing (co-organized by the Impact Investing Legal Working Group and the Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship) and shared information and observations about bar association section work at the Tennessee Bar Association Annual Convention.

Professor Alex Long’s recent Northwestern Law Review article Abolishing the Suicide Rule was cited by the majority (page 27, FN 23) and dissenting (page 11) opinions in a case before the Tennessee Supreme Court involving the issue of liability for suicide.  

Professor Glenn Reynolds’ amicus brief before the Minnesota Supreme Court turned out to be on the winning side.  The case was Maethner v. Someplace Safe, Inc., and the question was whether the institutional press has first amendment rights that are not available to nonmedia speakers and publishers. Consistent with the brief filed by Professor Reynolds and several other prominent law professors and bloggers, the Minnesota Supreme Court held that nonmedia speakers enjoy the same rights as professional media.

Professor Greg Stein’s article, Inequality in the Sharing Economy, has been accepted for publication by the Brooklyn Law Review. The article is tentatively scheduled to appear in May 2020.

Professor Maurice Stucke was quoted in the Congressional Quarterly article “Tech Baron on Trial: Pressure is mounting to use antitrust laws against perceived monopolies in Silicon Valley.”