Faculty Forum – September 2018

Faculty Forum is a monthly feature written by Teri Baxter highlighting the achievements of faculty at UT Law including publications in academia and the media, speaking engagements, interviews, awards, and other accomplishments.

William & Mary Law Review Online published Professor Robert Blitt’s latest article this week. Leveraging Regional Human Rights Mechanisms Against Universal Human Rights: The OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission Study on Sexual Orientation critically examines the arguments raised by the OIC’s human rights commission to foreclose application of equality and nondiscrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Professor Zack Buck presented his paper States of Emergency at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on Sept. 7 as part of the Wiet Life Sciences Scholars Conference.

Professor Buck was invited to present a draft of my current project, The Price of Universality, as part of Harvard’s Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics fall Workshop.

Professor Michelle Cosby is one of the law librarians featured in the new edition of Celebrating Diversity: A Legacy of Minority Leadership in the American Association of Law Libraries. The new edition provides updated information and new insights into diversity in law librarianship. New and future leaders in AALL are identified and profiled, demonstrating the growth of diverse law library professionals in the field.

Professor Glenn H. Reynolds’ article “Of Coups and Constitutions” was one of SSRN’s Weekly Top 5 papers for the week of Sept. 6. When asked to share his thoughts about the paper on the SSRNblog, Professor Reynolds noted that when he started the article, “Barack Obama was still in the White House, and the subject seemed largely academic and certainly of no great public interest. By the time it was published in the Columbia Human Rights Law Review, President Donal Trump was in the White House and talk of military coups was commonplace. It made the Top 5 then, and now, for some reason, it’s back in the Weekly Top 5 again. This probably doesn’t speak well of the health of our polity, but [he’s] happy for the downloads, anyway. . .”

Professor Paula Schaefer has accepted an invitation from the National Conference of Bar Examiners to be a Subject Matter Expert for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE).

Professor Maurice Stucke completed a 60 plus page policy brief with Marshall Steinbaum of the Roosevelt Institute where they make several recommendations to reinvigorate antitrust to deal with the current market power problem in the U.S.

Professor Stucke was featured on a special edition of the Hong Kong radio show “Money Talks” on September 12. The show was broadcast live from the CLSA Investors Forum in China.

Professor Stucke was quoted in the Bloomberg article “With Amazon Probe, EU Takes Cue From ‘Hipster’ Antitrust.” He noted that Lina Khan, an academic fellow at Columbia University Law School, “is part of an influential group of new voices that are pushing for a rethinking on antitrust and the dominance of technology platforms . . . . Their movement is resonating due to the dominance of technology firms and evidence that markets are more concentrated and less competitive, said Stucke, who welcomes the EU inquiry into Amazon.”

Professor Stucke participated in a workshop “Understanding the Relation of Technology to the Self in the World of the Digital Economy,” funded by the Carnegie Corporation, and organized by Harvard’s Peter Galison, and hosted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences.

Professor Stucke’s book “Virtual Competition,” has been translated to Mandarin.

The fifth edition of the book “Criminal Procedure in Practice,” by Dean Melanie Wilson, Professor Paul Marcus (William & Mary Law School), and Jack B. Zimmermann, a practicing attorney and retired marine colonel, was published this month. The book is for practicing lawyers and provides a strong overview of the criminal justice system.