Jewel earns recognition for legal communication scholarship

Lucille Jewel, Professor of Law at UT, has been awarded the inaugural Teresa Godwin Phelps Award for Scholarship in Legal Communication from the Board of Directors of the Legal Writing Institute.

The Phelps Award highlights individual works of outstanding scholarship specific to the legal writing discipline and helps set aspirational standards for other writings.

The Legal Writing Institute selection committee unanimously recommended Jewel for this award for her 2016 article “Old School Rhetoric and New School Cognitive Science: The Enduring Power of Logocentric Categories.”

In it, Jewel argues that overuse of boxed-in legal categories can produce distortion and injustice.

The selection committee commended the article, stating it “does a good job of building on a base of scholarly research, and it will reach practitioners with insights that are simultaneously theoretical and useful. The article will also remind LRW teachers that theory (in this case, cognitive theory) should reach the classroom.”

The organization will present the award to Jewel at a ceremony scheduled to take place In San Diego, Calif. in January.