New York Times offers praise for UT Law Professor’s book

UT Law Professor Benjamin Barton’s book “Rebooting Justice: More Technology, Fewer Lawyers and The Future of Law” has earned high praise in a New York Times book review.

In the book Barton co-authored with Stephanos Bibas, the two argue that the legal system is too complex and legal advice is too expensive. The answer, they maintain, is to use technology and procedural innovation to simplify and change the process.

Reviewer Jonathan A. Knee, a professor of professional practice at Columbia Business School and a senior adviser at Evercore Partners, calls the book “enlightening” and “well-written.” Knee concludes that the book offers “both historic perspective and startling data regarding the obstacles faced by average citizens in navigating our courts.”

“And, as Mr. Barton and Mr. Bibas convincingly demonstrate after surveying the research, in many contexts the presence of more lawyers actually reduces the speed and effectiveness of achieving justice,” Knee wrote.

See the New York Times book review here in its entirety. Copies of “Rebooting Justice” are available through Encounter Books.