Faculty Forum (White and Higdon)

Faculty Forum, January 2016

Faculty Forum is a monthly feature highlighting the achievements of faculty at UT Law including publications in academia and the media, speaking engagements, interviews, awards, and other accomplishments. 

Annual Meeting of the AALS

The College of Law was well represented at the most recent annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools, held in New York in early January.

  • Professor Brad Areheart spoke as part of a panel entitled “A Session for First-Time Meeting Attendees,” moderated a panel that he organized on “Becoming a Legal Scholar,” and offered commentary on another scholar’s paper as part of a panel on “New and Emerging Voices in Workplace Law.”
  • Professor Wendy Bach spoke on “New Directions in Poverty Law.”
  • Professor Ben Barton was part of a plenary panel entitled “AALS President’s Program: Challenges Facing the Legal Profession and Strategies to Address Them” and a second plenary panel entitled “Managing the Right-Sized Law School.”
  • Professor Joan Heminway presented on “Contract is King, But Can It Govern Its Realm?”
  • Professor Becky Jacobs participated in an environmental law panel on “Engaging Students in Real-World Problem Solving: An Interactive Workshop.”
  • Professor Carol Parker participated in “Joining the Administration: Law School and University Leadership for Law School Professors.”
  • Professor Joy Radice gave a presentation on “Violence Against Women – Punishment.”
  • Professor Maurice Stucke spoke as part of a panel on Broadening the Economic Debate –Perspectives on Antitrust Law.”
  • Professor Val Vojdik presented as part of “The U.S. Feminist Judgments Project: Collaboration as a Feminist Model for Creative Scholarship,” held at Fordham Law School just before the AALS conference began, and also participated in CALI’s Author-in-Residence program.

Faculty members also serve in a variety of leadership positions in AALS:

  • Areheart is Chair of the New Law Professors Section and Chair-Elect of the Employment Discrimination Section.
  • Professor Iris Goodwin is Chair of the Trusts and Estates Section.
  • Associate Dean Greg Stein was elected to the Executive Committee of the Real Estate Transactions Section.

Ethics Bowl IX

The Knoxville Bar Association presented “Ethics Bowl IX—A House Divided: Husbands vs. Wives” in December 2015. Ethics panelists for this “Family Feud”–like event included Associate Dean Alex Long and Professors Judy Cornett and Paula Schaefer.

Dwight Aarons

Professor Dwight Aarons has been invited to serve on a panel as part of Washington and Lee Law Review’s Lara D. Gass Symposium. Aarons’s will speak on “Prison Conditions – Life on Death Row.” His presentation will take place in February in Lexington, VA.

Brad Areheart

Professor Brad Areheart will present a paper at Pepperdine University School of Law in March 2016. Areheart’s presentation is part of Pepperdine’s Nootbaar Conference, focusing on “Doing Justice Without Doing Harm.”

Doug Blaze and Brad Morgan

Professor and Dean Emeritus Doug Blaze and Brad Morgan, Associate Director of the Institute for Professional Leadership, served recently as visiting professors at the University of Queensland’s T.C. Beirne School of Law in Brisbane, Australia. Blaze and Morgan taught “Leading as Lawyers: Trans-Pacific Perspectives” as part of this new faculty exchange program, which took place during December 2015 and January 2016.

Rob Blitt and Val Vojdik

Professors Rob Blitt and Val Vojdik gave a presentation, “Human Rights in Tennessee: The Access to Justice Challenge,” as part of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance Faculty Lecture Series. Their December 3 presentation focused on the human rights course they co-teach at the College of Law.

Judy Cornett

Professor Judy Cornett gave a one-hour CLE presentation on “Legal Ethics: From the Trenches to the Ivory Tower” at the 2015 Seminar on Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Government Attorneys. The seminar was jointly sponsored by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Iris Goodwin

Professor Iris Goodwin spoke to a Law and Politics Seminar at Columbia University. Her presentation took place in New York this past October.

Joan Heminway

Professor Joan Heminway has been invited to give a presentation at the 7th International Institutional and Technological Environment for Microfinance Conference. The conference will take place in March in Shanghai, China.

Professor Joan Heminway has been invited to speak at the 2016 Institute for Law and Economic Policy Conference. The conference, entitled “Vindicating Virtuous Claims,” will be held in Miami Beach, FL, in April.

Professor Joan Heminway has been invited to speak at Stetson University Law School’s Seminar on White Collar Crime. The talk will take place in February in Tampa, FL.

Lucy Jewel

Professor Lucy Jewel has been nominated for, and has agreed to serve on, the National Advisory Council for the Law School Transparency Project (LST). LST’s mission is to make entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair. In recent years, LST has become a major force for developing legal education policy ideas, shaping the national debate of these ideas, and challenging law schools, state bar associations, and the American Bar Association to change business as usual.

Brian Krumm and Gary Pulsinelli

Professors Brian Krumm and Gary Pulsinelli were featured on Your Weekly Constitutional, hosted by Summer Visiting Professor Stewart Harris of Appalachian School of Law. The episode is entitled “Mergers and Turtles.” Pulsinelli discusses the 1960s band “The Turtles” and its long-running battle over control of its songs. Krumm addresses how both federal antitrust law and state regulatory law may figure prominently in the proposed merger of two healthcare giants in Northeast Tennessee, the Wellmont Health System and the Mountain States Health Alliance.

George Kuney

Professor George Kuney is coauthoring a regular column with former Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law Visiting Professor Johnathan Friedland, entitled “Dealing with Distress for Fun & Profit.” The column is featured in the e-newsletter Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation and is also linked through to its companion newsletters Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives and Commercial Bankruptcy Investor. Approximately 45 columns have been planned and are in various stages of drafting by the authors and their assistants, including UT students Erica Marino ‘16 and William Rogers ‘17.

Don Leatherman

Professor Don Leatherman gave a presentation at the Practising Law Institute’s conference, held in December in Los Angeles. Leatherman spoke at PLI’s Tax Strategies for Corporate Acquisitions, Dispositions, Spin-Offs, Joint Ventures, Financings, Reorganizations and Restructurings 2015 Seminar.

Bob Lloyd

Professor Emeritus Bob Lloyd gave a presentation on proving damages for lost profits at the American Institute of CPAs Valuation and Forensic Services Conference held recently in Las Vegas. Lloyd gave a similar presentation at a conference in Nashville held by the Tennessee Society of CPAs.

Karla McKanders and Val Vojdik

Professors Karla McKanders and Val Vojdik will both participate in the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association, to be held in June in New Orleans. They will both be part of an International Research Collaborative program on “Gender in the Middle East and North Africa.” Vojdik will also present on “Gender, War, and Peacebuilding.”

Karla McKanders

Professor Karla McKanders has been selected to give a presentation at this year’s James Baldwin Conference, to be held in May in Paris, France. McKanders will present a paper entitled “Seeking Refuge in Paris: Heaven or Hell for Migrants.”

Professor Karla McKanders, Clinical Lecturer Valeria Gomez, and students in the Immigration Clinic will participate in the AALS Clinical Conference plenary Symposium on Rebellious Lawyering. They are preparing a related article for the Clinical Law Review entitled, “Being the Change in the South: The Politics of Allyship and Lawyering with Immigrant Communities.” The conference is in May 2016 in Baltimore and the article will be published later in 2016.

Professor Karla McKanders will travel with UT’s Disaster Displacement and Human Rights (DDHR) program to meet with Dr. Harmut Quehi at the Flensburg Institute in Germany.

Sibyl Marshall

Professor Sibyl Marshall and LMU Professor Ann Long gave a presentation, “Find it Free and Fast on the Net: Strategies for Legal Research on the Web,” through the National Business Institute. The presentation took place in December in Knoxville.

Professor Tom Plank traveled to Philadelphia to attend and participate in a Federalist Society Colloquium.

Tom Plank

The work of Professor Glenn Reynolds was cited in ArsTechnica, in an article entitled, “Could the Third Amendment Be Used to Fight the Surveillance State?” The article refers to Reynolds’s earlier piece, published in USA Today, entitled, “Quartering Spyware Troops in the Digital Age.”

Dean Rivkin

Professor Dean Rivkin and Brenda McGee ‘84 gave a CLE presentation at a program, “Juvenile Law Forum 2015,” sponsored by the Tennessee Bar Association’s Juvenile Law Section. Their topic was “The Rigorous Representation of Juvenile Status Offenders.” The program took place in December in Nashville.

Professor Dean Rivkin served as a guest lecturer in an Environmental Sociology class offered by UT’s Sociology Department. Rivkin spoke about environmental public interest lawyering.

Briana Rosenbaum

Professor Briana Rosenbaum will give a presentation at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Her January talk is part of the UT–UF Junior Faculty Exchange.

Greg Stein

Associate Dean Greg Stein has been elected to serve on the Board of Governors of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, for a three-year term beginning on January 1, 2016. Stein previously served as a member of the Board from 2011 through 2013.

Maurice Stucke

Professor Maurice Stucke was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on November 24. The article is entitled “Albertson’s to Buy Back 33 Stores It Sold as Part of Merger with Safeway.”

Professor Maurice Stucke spoke at the “Emerging Competition Issues Workshop: Keeping Pace in a Changing World.” This workshop was put together by the Competition Bureau of Canada and was held in Ottawa, Canada, in January.

Professor Maurice Stucke has been invited by the Swedish Competition Authority to participate in its 15th Pros and Cons Conference (“The Pros and Cons of the Sharing Economy”), to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, in November 2016. The conference will highlight important aspects and challenges of the sharing economy and how these may be dealt with within the field of antitrust analysis, from both economic and legal perspectives.

Professor Maurice Stucke has been invited to give a presentation as part of a discussion about the nature of Amazon’s monopoly over the market in books. The forum will take place in Washington, DC, in January and is hosted by New America.

Professor Maurice Stucke is the co-author of three of the top ten most downloaded antitrust articles of 2015, according to Le Concurrentialiste. The ranking is based on all articles in English that were uploaded to SSRN for the first time during 2015 in either academic law reviews or colloquia.

Professor Maurice Stucke was quoted in Law360.com, in an article entitled, “Transportation Antitrust Class Actions to Watch.” The article focuses on problems caused by recent consolidation in the airline industry.