Krumm and Pulsinelli talk “Mergers and Turtles” on Your Weekly Constitutional podcast

Associate professors Brian Krumm and Gary Pulsinelli were recently featured on Your Weekly Constitutional, a public radio show and podcast produced in partnership with James Madison’s Montpelier that focuses upon interesting and controversial issues in constitutional law.

Throughout the first half of the podcast, Pulsinelli and host Stewart Harris, a professor at the Appalachian School of Law, discussed how copyright law affects what is heard on the radio and on the Internet through streaming services, as well as the ’60’s band “The Turtles” and its long-running battle over control of its songs.

Throughout the second half of the podcast, Krumm and Harris discussed how both federal antitrust law and state regulatory law may figure prominently in the proposed merger of two healthcare giants in Northeast Tennessee and Southeast Virginia, the Wellmont Health System and the Mountain States Health Alliance.