In the news: Baxter talks upcoming SCOTUS session with HuffPost Live

Professor Teri Baxter recently appeared on a HuffPost Live panel to discuss the upcoming fall term of the United States Supreme Court. This term, the court will here cases on unions, affirmative action, and immigration among other issues.

In the segment, Baxter explained that although the court has given Liberals major legal victories in the past few terms (e.g., July’s same-sex marriage ruling), this is not indicative of how the court will rule in future terms. “I think [Liberals] should be concerned. I think we tend to get hung up on the big, well known cases, but I think that some of the [upcoming] cases will come out in ways that will make Liberals very unhappy, but I don’t know if they will lose all of them,” said Baxter.

Throughout the segment, Baxter also discussed the six death penalty cases on the court’s docket, as well as the cases dealing with Planned Parenthood and abortion.

View the segment at HuffPost Live.