College of Law

Jerry Black

Associate Professor Emeritus, Associate Professor of Law

Phone: 865-974-2331

Office: Room 87


BA, 1965, Rhodes College

JD, 1968,Vanderbilt University Law School


Professor Black has been working in the public interest all of his legal career. He was a staff attorney with Legal Services of Nashville, Director of Clinical Programs and Administrator of Clinical Programs at Vanderbilt University, and Executive Director of the Knoxville Legal Aid Society. Professor Black was Director of the UT Legal Clinic from 1981-86 and Acting Director during 1990-91, the spring of 1993, and the fall of 2002. He remains a member of the clinic faculty. Professor Black was honored in August 2003 by the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for “his lifetime contribution to teaching the goals, aspirations, and principles of quality criminal defense to his students, peers, and friends at TACDL.” He also received the Richard S. Jacobson Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy from the Roscoe Pound Institute in 2002. Professor Black was the recipient of the Harold C. Warner Outstanding Faculty Service Award in 1991 and 1998 and the Forrest W. Lacey Award 1996-97.