University NetID

All students, faculty and staff in the College of Law have a University NetID.

Your University NetID is required if you use the University email system (Outlook, TMail or Volmail) or other services provided by the University, such as access to computer labs, wireless printing, and Computer-Based Training, hardware purchases, or software purchases.

A NetID is assigned to all students, faculty and staff by the University. The NetID is a personal identifier generally consisting of your first initial, the first 1 to 7 characters of your last name, and a 1- to 3-digit number, if needed, for uniqueness.

An initial NetID password is created by the University and must be changed the first time you log in to any service which requires the NetID.

For more information go to

Changing your NetID Password (Students, Faculty, and Staff)

Please refer to OIT’s NetID Password Management page for password change procedures.

Accounts for Student Organizations

Officially-recognized student organizations are allowed an organizational email account and space for an organizational web site.

These services are coordinated and overseen by the Office of the Dean of Students.

The following are recommended steps to confirm or register your organization and to confirm or request an email address or a web site:

  1. Determine whether your organization is registered with the Office of the Dean of Students by examining the A-Z Index.
  2. If your organization is not registered, refer to or contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 974-3179 for further instructions.
  3. If your organization is registered, click on the associated “More Information” link in the organization’s listing in the A-Z Index to view basic information about the organization.
    • If there is no email or web page link and you wish to establish either or both, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 974-3179 for assistance.
    • If an email and/or web page link exists, move the cursor over the link to see the email or web page address.


Once registered, student organizations are required to submit an Organization Update Form to the Office of the Dean of Students each Fall and Spring Semester.

If you want your organization’s email address added to the College of Law Email Distribution Lists, please send an email to with the name of the organization and the email address.