Technology Services

The Office of Technology Services provides technical assistance for all computers, peripherals, network servers, and software owned by the College of Law. This includes technical support for:

  • All College of Law computers and peripherals in individual faculty and staff offices
  • All computers and peripherals in the College of Law computer lab
  • All approved software installed on those computers

Need assistance? Send an e-mail to

Help with personal technology and e-mail

Personally owned computing hardware and software are not supported by the College of Law. Technology Services is able to assist students with wireless and print configurations for personally owned equipment. Technical support for students is also available through the university’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) Helpdesk (subsidized by the Technology Fee.)

In addition, OIT provides technical assistance to all students, faculty, and staff for official e-mail services.

Refer to OIT’s “Are you new?” page for more information.




Chris Bombardo
Director of Technology Services
Phone: 865-974-6729

Nicholas Romano
IT Analyst
Phone: 865-974-2547

Jamie Wilson
Web Developer
Phone: 865-974-9886

Daniel Freeman
Senior IT Technologist II
Phone: 865-974-0614

Mike Taylor
Senior IT Technologist II
Phone: 865-974-6859