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The College of Law depends on private support to achieve its long-term objective: creating an environment in which students and faculty together promote the role of law in pursuit of justice for citizens of the state and nation. To ensure reaching our objective, we have identified four key funding priorities in need of your support.

Fund the present to advance the future

College Fund for Law

The College Fund for Law gives us the flexibility to use your gift where it will have the greatest impact on an annual basis, supporting virtually every area within the College.  The gifts you make today will be used to benefit the current legal education of our students and give the College of Law the power to advance our teaching, curriculum, and scholarships for tomorrow’s student.

Bring the best students to UT Law

Scholarship support

Our mission as part of a land-grant institution is to provide access to excellent legal education for Tennesseans and to assemble a student body that mirrors the diversity in our state. Your help increases the number of deserving students who receive scholarship support while ensuring that students make career choices based not on the need to repay debt, but on their talents, personal goals, and commitment to a just and civil society.

Recruit and retain a world-class faculty

Faculty support

As the college continues to improve its national reputation, private funding enhances faculty resources and provides support for research grants, research assistants, professorships and travel. With your help, we will recruit, retain, and promote the best professors, those who help shape the future of a thriving economy and just society.

Innovate in and out of the classroom

Program support

Our innovative academic programs and concentrations allow students to learn the law in the context of practice and policy. Private support of our clinical and outreach programs fosters our national reputation and allows us to continue providing outstanding representation to clients. Your support also strengthens the university’s highly ranked programs and facilities including:

We rely increasingly on private support to provide library resources for the law school and legal community. The law is dynamic and evolving; our legal materials must keep pace to ensure excellent teaching, learning, scholarship, and outreach.


3L Class Gift

Each year, third-year students have the unique opportunity to support UT Law through a joint 3L Class Gift. Established by the College of Law Class Gift Endowment, each year’s 3L Class Gift supports future law students, faculty, and programs.

For more information about the current 3L Class Gift campaign, contact Steve Evans at or 865-974-6857.