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Master of Legal Studies and Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies

Be a part of the inaugural class beginning Summer 2021

For professionals who need to understand the law, but don't want to practice it.

Our program will benefit individuals whose careers intersect with the law but who do not need to earn a law degree. The program equips professionals with knowledge of the law and problem-solving skills that will enable them to more effectively deal with legal matters in their jobs.

Master's Degree Track

Are you a professional who needs to navigate legal issues in the workplace?

Earn your Master’s Degree in this 30-credit, in-person or hybrid program.

Graduate Certificate

Need to boost your career with an overview of workplace legal fundamentals or a focus in a particular industry?

Earn a graduate certificate in this 15-credit, in-person or hybrid program.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Master of Legal Studies degree opens the door to a wide variety of careers and enhances the opportunities for those already employed as:

–Contract Administrators

–Human Resource Professionals

–Insurance Professionals

–Law Enforcement Officers


–Compliance Officers

–Certified Fraud Examiners

–Cybersecurity Experts

–Forensic Social Workers

Students will have the ability to design a flexible course of study that best fits their career goals by choosing from the College of Law’s wide range of course offerings.  MLS students are required to take two introductory courses and two courses based on the required first-year curriculum.  Graduate Certificate students are required to take two introductory courses.  Beyond that, students are free to choose from most courses offered at the College of Law.  For more information about available courses, visit the Graduate Catalog

No. If you want to become a lawyer, the MLS program is not for you. The MLS provides new skills and knowledge to enhance your existing ones rather than to prepare you for a new career. It will not permit you to take the bar examination and so it is not intended for people who want to practice law. If that is your interest, you should apply to our JD Program.

You may pursue the MLS degree either on a full-time or part-time basis. If you wish to take a part-time course of study, you will have up to four years to complete the degree. 

Students may choose between a fully in-person option or a hybrid online/live version.

Tuition and fees change annually. Students will pay the graduate student tuition and fees. 

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