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We have reason to celebrate

Throughout 2017, the College of Law celebrated the 70th anniversary of the legal clinic with featured speakers and special events.

The year of celebratory events, designed to bring attention to the Legal Clinic and its mission, culminated Nov. 17, 2017 with “Party With A Purpose,” hosted at The Emporium in downtown Knoxville.

The event drew more than 400 people and brought the total of funds raised to $450,000.

The money raised helps establish a permanent endowment for the clinic and secure its future by providing funds to support student travel to courts and clients, secure court reporters, obtain public records, employ translators and experts, and offset court filing fees.

Beyond being an experiential classroom, the UT Legal Clinic immerses students in service to those who are in need.


Founded by Charles H. Miller who was hailed as a pioneer in legal education, UT’s is the longest-running legal clinical program in the United States. The Legal Clinic is among the best legal clinic programs nationally and ranks high among clinical programs at public universities.

The clinic effectively serves a dual purpose. It helps students learn to build attorney-client relationships and understand the professional obligations that accompany those relationships. The students’ service empowers clients to find solutions to legal and other problems. We are privileged to offer this service learning opportunity to students while serving the people of Tennessee in our surrounding communities.

70th Anniversary Events

Legal Clinic 70th Anniversary photo gallery

Posted by University of Tennessee College of Law on Monday, December 11, 2017