Domestic Violence Clinic

Law students working in the Domestic Violence Clinic represent actual clients in contested hearings and trials in Knox County’s Fourth Circuit Court. Students represent victims of domestic violence in gaining and enforcing orders of protection and in related matters.

In addition to appearing in court, students meet weekly as a firm with their faculty supervisor, Jo Ann Lehberger, who served as a family court judge for 13 years and worked as a family law attorney for more than 20 years.

In order to participate in the Domestic Violence Clinic, students must have taken Legal Profession or be currently enrolled. The three-credit, one-semester course is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Partnership with the College of Social Work

The Domestic Violence Clinic partners with the UT College of Social Work as a result of a generous gift from Lee Ann Tolsma and John T. Tolsma. The College of Social Work places an intern from the Master of Science in Social Work program in the Domestic Violence Clinic.  Through this partnership, the Domestic Violence Clinic and the College of Social Work collaborate to address the multiple needs of clients who are domestic violence victims.