Master of Laws (LLM)

LLM Program in U.S. Business Law

The Master of Laws (LLM) is an advanced law degree for practicing lawyers with a Juris Doctor (JD) or for those who have obtained its foreign equivalent. The one-year LLM program provides specialized knowledge in United States business law for non-U.S. lawyers, enhancing their ability to practice in a global marketplace.

LLM students will benefit from the resources of UT Law’s specialized curriculum in business law and its reputation for training business lawyers in the Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law.

The program also offers students an immersive experience in American culture and legal and business dialogue in Knoxville, Tennessee, and its environs, which are affordable locations to pursue higher education.

Program of Study

The LLM program is a full-time program and students begin the academic program in the fall semester. Students take 15–16 hours per semester for two concurrent semesters (fall and spring), and courses must be taken in sequence to meet graduation requirements. The LLM curriculum requires a minimum of 24 credit hours.

LLM students may also take one elective course from the general College of Law curriculum, generally in the spring semester.

Fall semester

LAW 818: Fundamental Concepts of Income Taxation (3 credit hours)

LAW 827: Business Associations (3 credit hours) or
LAW 841: Secured Transactions (3 credit hours)

LAW 940: Land Finance Law (3 credit hours)
LAW 990: Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis for the LLM Student (2 credit hours)
LAW 998: Structure and Operation of the American Legal System (2 credit hours)



Admissions & Financial Aid
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George W. Kuney
Director of the Clayton Center
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Spring semester

LAW 814: Professional Responsibility (3 credit hours)

LAW 827: Business Associations (3 credit hours) or
LAW 841: Secured Transactions (3 credit hours)

LAW 842: Contract Drafting (2 credit hours)
LAW 972: Income Taxation of Business Organizations (3 credit hours)

Total credit hours: 24*

*LLM students may also take one additional course of their choice offered by the College of Law.



Will I be eligible for admission to a U.S. bar if I complete the LLM?

Applicants should check with state bars to determine if their qualifications after completing the program meet the requirements of that jurisdiction to sit for the bar examination and be able to practice law. Applicants are responsible for contacting the bar examiner in any US jurisdiction in which the applicant intends to seek admission to ensure that they meet character and fitness requirements of that jurisdiction.

Does UT Law provide job search and career assistance to LLM students?

The staff of the Bettye B. Lewis Career Center provide assistance with career development and job search skills, including preparation of employment application materials (résumés and cover letters), networking, and other resources and training. Individual career counseling is available to LLM students.

Can graduates of the LLM program find post-graduate employment in the United States?

LLM students should be aware that the competitive nature of the US legal job market, the eligibility and admissions requirements of various state bars, and individual skills—including fluency in English, academic performance, and prior legal training and experience—are factors that will affect the ability of a graduate to secure employment in the United States.