Application Checklist

When you’re ready to apply, be sure to complete all of the following requirements to ensure your application is complete. Please remember that your application will not be reviewed until it is considered complete.

1. Admissions Application

UT Law’s application for admission and instructions are available through the Law School Admission Council. Accuracy and completeness is critical. Please be sure to provide documentation pertaining to character and fitness if relevant. Months may pass between the filing of the application and enrollment in law school, and applicants are required to update the application form if information they have certified as correct changes during the admission process. Learn more.

2. Application Fee

There is a $35 application fee. The fee is waived if application for the following fall is made by March 1.

3. Writing Sample

UT requires a personal statement.

Personal Statement

The personal statement provides an opportunity for you to present information about your personal background, your motivation to study law, adverse life conditions you have overcome, contributions you could make to the law school community as a result of your life experience, diversity, ties to or specific interest in the University of Tennessee, a description of how you plan to contribute to the legal profession, and/or any information that pertains to the admissions criteria established by the College of Law and evaluated by the Admissions Committee.

The personal statement should not exceed two double-spaced pages, and you should compose the statement yourself.

4. Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report

This report will be ordered when you apply for admission and will be updated as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and writing samples are added. Learn more.

5. Recommendations

The required recommendations must be submitted through the LSAC Credential Assembly Service. Please choose recommenders who have known you long enough and well enough to make a sound evaluation of your abilities. Learn more.