College of Law

CLAEC Graduate Certificate Details

This fifteen-credit-hour graduate certificate is designed to give lawyers a background in construction and engineering and to give engineers and construction professionals a background in law, specifically contract law. Both fields overlap substantially, from the planning and contracting stages, through project implementation and contract administration, and sometimes ending in formal dispute resolution proceedings. In such an environment, a broad range of knowledge in both fields is not only desirable, but it may be critical to a firm or project’s success.

Admission requirements

The following four types of students are eligible to participate in the certificate program:

  1. Law students with an interest in construction law
  2. Engineering students pursuing a doctorate degree (doctoral candidates)
  3. Engineering students pursuing a master’s degree (master’s candidates)
  4. Students with a bachelor’s of science who are pursuing only the law and engineering certificate (certificate candidates)

To this effect, applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements and be admitted to the UT Graduate School. The only academic prerequisite for the certificate program is a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university or college. The College of Law stipulates that law students seeking to pursue the certificate must first obtain the approval of the dean or the dean’s designee.


Completion of the certificate is obtained through completion (or other method of satisfaction) of the following primary and secondary courses representing a total of 15 credit hours (after the prerequisite courses are satisfied):

Prerequisite courses

  • CE 595, Construction Engineering and Management I (3)
  • Law 842, Contract Drafting Seminar (2)

Primary courses

  • CE 584, Construction Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes (3) [waived for law students]
  • Law 904, Independent Study (Capstone) (3)
  • Law 944, Construction Law (3)

Secondary courses (choose one)

  • CE 581, Construction Estimating (3)
  • CE 582, Construction Scheduling (3)

Electives (choose one)

  • Law 821, Administrative Law (3)
  • Law 896, Law of the Workplace (3)
  • Law 914, Alternative Dispute Resolution (3)
  • Law 926, Negotiation (3)
  • Law 943, Land Use Law (3)
  • Law 981, Business Torts (3)
  • Law 990, Issues in the Law (Arbitration) (3)

Learning outcomes

  1. Students will be proficient in structuring basic construction contracts.
  2. Students will attain knowledge sufficient to anticipate and respond to potential legal issues likely to arise in construction projects.
  3. Students will attain knowledge sufficient to effectively participate in planning construction projects from contractual and legal perspectives.
  4. Students will develop the skills needed to understand and solve various issues and matters causing and/or triggering conflicts, claims, and disputes in engineering and construction.
  5. Students will acquire the knowledge associated with the different construction dispute mechanisms.
  6. The certificate will help create a group of well-rounded professionals who bridge between the engineering and legal domains.


If you are a law student who is interested in pursuing this program, please complete this form and contact Professor George Kuney for additional information.