College of Law

Degree Programs

Juris Doctor (JD) 

The Juris Doctor (JD) degree is your ultimate goal as a law student. In your pursuit of a JD, you can choose from one of our two concentrations and earn a second graduate degree through one of our dual-degree programs.

In 2016, the college revised its first-year (1L) curriculum, which now focuses on practical training, legal writing, and career planning. Experience-focused opportunities are available through courses in civil procedure and torts and a lab course in transactional lawyering. Plus, the college’s introductory criminal law and legal process courses connect and reinforce theoretical concepts in a more active, writing-focused experience. In addition, a course in lawyering and professionalism provides students with basic training in essential attorney skills while introducing the values of the legal profession. The new curriculum also gives all students hands-on experience with both litigation and transactional lawyering in the first year, providing them with an early opportunity to consider either of those fields as a career path.

Accelerated JD Program

If you’re interested in earning your JD in less than three years, you have a few options to consider at UT Law. These options will allow you to graduate by the fall of your third year—one semester earlier than usual. Two sample accelerated curricula are below.

Dual-Degree Programs

The College of Law offers several dual-degree programs, which enable students to obtain two advanced degrees in less time than it would normally take to earn both degrees separately. Whether you’re seeking an advanced dual-degree in business (JD-MBA), philosophy (JD-MA), public health (JD-MPH), or public policy and administration (JD-MPPA), our partnerships with the Haslam College of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Education, Health & Human Sciences are designed to accommodate your interests, broaden your perspectives, give you highly-marketable skills and experience, and save you time and money.

UT 3+3

UT 3+3 is an accelerated dual-degree program offered by the College of Law and the College of Arts and Sciences, which saves students an entire year of tuition and related costs, without sacrificing quality of education. In the program, students complete three years of approved undergraduate coursework in the College of Arts and Sciences. Following their third year, participating students admitted to the College of Law become full-time, first-year law students. The first year of law study will count toward a student’s law degree and also toward the completion of his or her bachelor’s degree. Two additional years of law study follow, after which a student earns a juris doctor degree.

Graduate Certificates 

In addition to earning a Juris Doctor (JD), students have the opportunity to complete two graduate certificates – the Graduate Certificate in Contractual and Legal Affairs in Engineering and Construction or the Health Policy Graduate Certificate – offered in conjunction with the College of Engineering and the College of Education, Health & Human Sciences.

Master of Laws (LLM) 

The Master of Laws (LLM) in United States business law is an advanced law degree for practicing lawyers with a Juris Doctor (JD) or its foreign equivalent (for example, a Bachelor of Law degree). UT Law’s LLM program brings non-US lawyers together for a one-year program that will enhance their ability to practice in a global marketplace by providing specialized knowledge in United States business law.