Faculty Forum: June 2020

Faculty Forum is a monthly feature written by Professor Michael Higdon highlighting the achievements of faculty at UT Law including publications in academia and the media, speaking engagements, interviews, awards and other accomplishments.

Professor Brad Areheart’s article, “Organizational Justice and Antidiscrimination,” was recently published in Volume 104 of the Minnesota Law Review. It was also reviewed positively at Workplace Prof Blog and Legal Theory Blog

Professor Areheart, was interviewed about the recent Supreme Court decision Bostock v. Clayton County for a story titled “Tennessee LGBTQ Leaders See Landmark in Ruling” (paywall).

Professors Areheart and Alex Long have been selected by the university to serve as faculty fellows the College of Law as part of a new Faculty Fellows for Technology-Enhanced Teaching program.

On May 29, 2020 the Northwestern Law Review Online Blog “Of Note” published a post by Professor Teri Dobbins Baxter authored a post for the Northwestern Law Review Online Blog “Of Note” titled “True Causes of Racial Disparities in the COVID-19 Pandemic.” 

Professor Baxter presented her work-in-progress “State Sanctioned Discrimination in Adoptions”at the Family Law Scholars and Teachers Conference Online Conference.

Professor Zack Buck served as plenary panelist and discussion leader at Health Law Professors 2020: Jay Healey Teaching Session Goes Virtual.” on June 3, 2020.  After the Health Law Professors Conference was canceled, the Jay Healey Teaching Session (a component part of the conference) was moved online.  

Professor Sherley Cruz was featured on National Public Radio in an interview about  the future of unemployment insurance and worker’s rights in a segment on “All Things Considered.”

Professor Cruz co-presented a CLE with William Bush, of Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, titled “Unemployment in the Time of Contagion.” It was present to the TALS Employment Law Taskforce on COVID-19 and unemployment insurance issues. 

Professor Cruz has accepted an invitation to serve as a researcher for “stage 1” of a UT “NSF-CIVIC” research project.  The project, “AccessKnox:  Designing Community-Embedded, Transformative, and Intelligent Mobility Solutions for Low-Density Urban Communities,” is a collaboration between UT, the Knoxville Community Development Corporation, and the United Way of Greater Knoxville. 

Professor Iris Goodwin presented “Dating in Tennessee:  Taking a Break from Strict Compliance under Wills Act TCA 32-1-104(b),” at the Law & Society forum, “I Hear Dead People: New Perspectives on a Venerable Metaphor.”

Professor Amy Morris Hess gave two presentations on Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.14 “Dealing with Clients with Diminished Capacity.” As a result of the talk, she was asked to join a subcommittee that will revise the ACTEC Commentaries on MRPC 1.14. 

Professor Hess also spoke at a national virtual meeting of the State Laws Committee of ACTEC as a member of a panel that discussed the 2019 amendments to the Uniform Probate Code that deal with rules defining family relationships for inheritance rights.

Professor Joan Heminway participated in three programs at the Law and Society Association annual meeting. She moderated a discussion on the book “Citizen Capitalism: How a Universal Fund Can Provide Influence and Income to All.” She also participated in a discussion session entitled “Evaluating Cryptocurrencies and Other Market Developments,” and moderated and served as a discussant for a paper panel focusing on “New Histories of Commercial Law.”

Professor Heminway was part of a planning committee that organized the National Business Law Scholars Conference held at the College of Law on June 18-19 via Zoom.

Professor Lucy Jewel recently contributed to a guest blog post titled “Antebellum Law is the Precedent for Today’s White-on-Black Violence” on the Race and the Law Blog. 

On behalf of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Professor Jewel co-authored an amici curiae brief requesting that the Tennessee Supreme Court hear an appeal in the case of Booker v. State. A copy of the brief can be accessed here.

Professor Glenn Reynolds has signed a contract with Encounter Books to do a book on space for their Encounter Intelligence series.  The working title is “Shining Bright: America’s Future in Space, and the World’s.”

Professor Greg Stein served as a member of the selection committee for the 2020 Spenser F. Powell Memorial Law Scholarship.

Professor Maurice Stucke was interviewed on Bloomberg TV on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.” The link can be found here (Professor Stucke appears at about the 23 minute mark).

Professor Maurice Stucke (along with his co-author, Professor Ariel Ezrachi) contributed a piece to a symposium by Oxford University Press’s Journal of Antitrust Enforcement concerning competition and economic issues raised by the pandemic.  Link here