Students learn mergers and acquisitions through summer program

College of Law students and professors are working together this summer in a 10-week Mergers and Acquisitions Boot Camp.

The boot camp, presented through a partnership between the national LawMeets organization and the American Bar Association’s Mergers and Acquisitions committee, is an online opportunity for students to learn to draft, edit and negotiate an acquisition agreement. 

Students will work through exercises offered in in four modules, each lasting two weeks, during which they’ll focus on different parts of the acquisition agreement. 

The teams will interact with clients via phone, email and video conference to draft and mark-up provisions in the acquisition agreement then explain the legal intricacies and learn more about the clients’ needs. The students’ work will culminate with a simulated negotiation between two teams and observed by an expert mergers and acquisitions practitioner. Each team will receive feedback on their work from the expert.

College of Law Professors Eric Amarante, Joan Heminway, Michelle Kwon, Brian Krumm, and George Kuney will advise and coach students Ri’charda Anderson, Nathan Cates, Michael Dellinger, Autumn Bowling, Mason Shelton and Landon Foody. The College of Law is participating in the boot camp along with 35 other law schools and 125 students.