Graduate employment rates remain high for 2018 grads

College of Law graduates remain successful finding jobs, both at the time of graduation and 10 months afterward, keeping the school’s post-graduation employment rates among the highest in five years.

According to information shared earlier this month with the American Bar Association, 93% of 2018 graduates were employed 10 months after graduation.  Of these, 89% are employed in bar passage required jobs or J.D.-advantage jobs. 

At the time of graduation in 2018, 61% of students were employed – the highest percentage in at least five years and a rate that’s 30% higher than employment levels of 2014.

In all, 106 of 114 graduates are now employed and a large percentage of them found positions in Tennessee.

“We are obviously very pleased with this trend and the hard work that these numbers represent,” College of Law Dean Melanie Wilson said. “Our goal is to help prepare our students become the most successful lawyers and leaders that they can be, but our students must also be committed to finding employment that best suits their career goals.”

“Our career services team has done an outstanding job working with students and helping lay the groundwork for their success,” Wilson said. “But our students are the real beneficiaries of all of this hard work.”

The graduates found jobs in a variety of settings, including 52% in private practice, 20% in business and industry, 12% in government, 9% in judicial clerkships, 4% in public interest, and 3% in education.

Interim Director of the College of Law’s Bettye B. Lewis Career Center Joe Christian said the outcome reflects the commitment of faculty, administration, and staff in supporting the Career Center team as it connects students and employers.

“We strive to equip our students from day one with the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to be successful,” Christian said. “It is important to us that each student receives the individual attention he or she needs to successfully pursue not just a good job, but a career that is meaningful to them.”

The Career Center works with works with students and alumni at every stage of their careers and serves as a resource for employers of all types.

“We work with employers to understand their needs and culture,” Christian said. “That way when they need to hire, we can provide a tailored pool of applicants rather than just a large stack of resumes.”