College of Law partners with UT Martin to offer law degree option

The University of Tennessee College of Law has launched a partnership with the University of Tennessee at Martin to expand the 3+3 program. 

Beginning with the fall 2019 semester, UT Martin students choosing to major in English or political science on the Bachelor of Arts degree path can add a concentration in legal studies. 

Students will complete three years of general education and upper-division courses before they take the law school admissions test in their junior year. Provided they are successful and meet law school admission standards, students will begin their legal studies during their senior year of undergraduate school and complete both undergraduate and juris doctor degrees in six years. 

“We look forward to expanding our 3+3 program and helping talented students from Martin enhance their educational opportunities. This is yet another way we are staying connected to our friends in West Tennessee,” said College of Law Dean Melanie Wilson. “Our 3+3 partnership with Martin is the first with another UT campus and reflects our great relationship with UT Martin Chancellor Keith Carver.” 

Students who participate in the 3+3 program at UT Martin will still earn an undergraduate degree from that institution.

UT Martin Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages Chair David Carithers said he believes this will be an attractive opportunity for students.

“The new legal studies option places them on a more direct path from here to a top law school in the state,” Carithers said.