Students interested in Real Property and Mineral Law to benefit from scholarship

James Frank Wilson (’75) believes by investing in the education of young people, and giving them the skills they need to succeed, you have the power to change lives.

“You can get more people in the game if you help them academically,” said Wilson, who has committed to investing in students through a charitable gift to the College of Law. Wilson and his wife established the James Frank and Patricia Ann Wilson Real Property and Mineral Law Scholarship Endowment, and it will be awarded for the first time this fall.

James Wilson and Patricia Wilson

The Wilsons established their scholarship primarily to support students from Morgan County, Tenn. where Wilson practiced law as a solo practitioner for nearly 40 years. It also supports students who have an interest in real property and mineral law.

When oil and gas began to have an economic impact in the county, Wilson developed an expertise in the area and became known as one of the leading oil and gas attorneys in the state of Tennessee. His philosophy of “do it once, do it right” helped him develop a reputation in the industry for quality work.

“I strive to treat everyone fairly and treat them the same,” Wilson said.

Wilson favors the idea of an endowed scholarship because it enables donors to create a level of support that stretches well into the future.

“As I was planning this scholarship, it occurred to me that some of people I will help haven’t even been born yet,” he said.

Wilson hopes students who receive the scholarship will be inspired to pay that good will forward.