Professor Wendy Bach selected as Bellow Scholar for her work on Tennesse’s criminalization of in-utero opiate transmission

Professor Wendy Bach was recently selected as a Bellow Scholar for her work on Tennessee’s criminalization of in-utero opiate transmission.

The Bellow Scholar program recognizes and supports the research projects of clinical law teachers that reflect the ideals of Professor Gary Bellow – a pioneering founder of modern clinical legal education. In particular, the selection committee recognizes and supports projects that employ empirical analysis as an advocacy tool and involve substantial collaboration between law and other academic disciplines. Selected projects become the focus of information-sharing, discussion and critique at the annual AALS Clinical Conference and at annual workshops organized by the committee. Selected scholars are appointed for a two-year term. Professor Bach also presented early research findings on her study of Tennessee’s implementation of the fetal assault law for a paper she is working on that is tentatively titled Prosecuting Poverty at the Feminist Theory Conference at the University of Baltimore.