Wills Clinic Expands Services

Although our estate planning clinic is called the Wills Clinic, students in the clinic provide do much more than draft wills. Each semester, the students represent about eighty clients on issues ranging from drafting basic wills to drafting wills with minor’s trusts and special needs trusts. Students also assist clients who need powers of attorney, living wills, and conservatorships. By representing clients who are unable to afford the services the clinic provides, the Wills Clinic provides a beneficial service to the community while providing a valuable learning experience for the students.

The Clinic also provides services through targeted agencies, including Hospice, Children’s Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, Operation Stand Down, and Grandparents as Parents.

Most recently, after being contacted by Children’s Hospital, the Wills Clinic has fostered a relationship with Chancery Courts throughout the area and is preparing conservatorship petitions for the caretakers of special needs children who are reaching adulthood.