Class of 2018

Welcome to the Class of 2018

UT Law welcomed the newest members of the college family this month, including 116 1Ls of the Class of 2018. Here are some fast facts about the new class:

  • The median GPA is 3.64, and the median LSAT score is 158.
  • The students range in age from 21 to 40.
  • The class is 22 percent racially diverse.
  • This year’s class has an equal number of women and men.
  • Students come to UT Law from 58 different undergraduate colleges and universities and with 38 different undergraduate majors.
  • Members of the 2015 entering class come to Knoxville from four countries—the United States, China, South Korea, and Venezuela—and seventeen states: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • Tennessee residents comprise 80 percent of the new class; 20 percent are out-of-state students.

UT Law is also one of only four law schools nationwide showing an increase of more than 50 percent in applications for 2015 admission. As of August 27, the college received 1,036 applications for admission for the 2015–2016 academic year, a 55 percent increase over last year’s total of 669 applications. With the jump in applications, admission to UT Law was quite selective this year, with the college admitting just 36 percent of all applicants.

The college’s recruiting achievements would have been impossible without the volunteer efforts of UT Law alumni. Alumni can help admissions efforts by volunteering to serve in any of the following ways in the coming year:

  • Refer a prospective student to the UT Law admissions staff
  • Agree to write or contact an admitted student and share your enthusiasm for UT Law
  • Contribute to a scholarship fund to help a student
  • Host an admitted candidate event in your area at your workplace
  • Take an admitted student for coffee to discuss your experience at UT Law and your career path
  • Hire UT Law students or graduates through the Bettye B. Lewis Career Center

For more information on how to get involved, contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 865-974-4131 or