Karla McKanders

In the news: McKanders questions Trump’s immigration plan

Karla McKanders, associate professor of law and director of the UT Law Immigration Clinic, spoke to WBIR on August 21 about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration reform plan, which includes ending birthright citizenship of children born to undocumented immigrants. Trump uses the controversial term “anchor babies” to describe these children.

McKanders discussed the difficulty inherent in implementing Trump’s plan. “The only way to change birthright¬†citizenship is through, you know, amending the Constitution, which is a very, very lofty task because it takes a lot to change our Constitution,” McKanders said. She goes on to say that this topic isn’t a new one when it comes to presidential campaigns. “I think both sides can agree that we need to come up with a solution,” she said.

Watch the segment and read the story at WBIR.