Anonymous Grading

Examinations in the College of Law are graded anonymously. Each semester prior to the examination period students are given a computer-generated list of exam identification numbers. There is a different number for each course. This number is the only identifying information recorded on the examination materials. After the professor submits a signed grade sheet, grade adjustments for class performance are made in the Records Office. Final grades are posted on the web using these numbers prior to the grades appearing on the official transcript. Professors do not receive information linking a particular student with a grade until all grades sheets pertaining to a course have been submitted to the Records Office.

Examination Procedure

Students are expected to arrive at the location of the examination approximately 20-30 minutes prior to the scheduled commencement of the examination in order to sign the roll, log-on to the examination software, and receive instructions. Students are to identify their examination materials by recording only their anonymous examination numbers not their student identification numbers, social security numbers, or names. Students who write their answers in examination books must indicate the examination number, course name, and instructor on the front of each book and on each page of the book. Students are to write their examination number on the upper-righthand corner of the examination. All examination materials, including examination questions, will be collected at the end of the examination, counted, and returned to the professor. Answers submitted electronically will be printed in the Records Office and given to the professors along with any examination books.

Examination Period

Examinations in the College of law are given during the examination period outlined by the University; however, since College of Law examinations are three-four hours in duration, the examination period is generally longer.

Exam schedule is available on the Academic Calendar.

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