College of Law

Valorie Vojdik

Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs

Phone: 865-974-2331 or 865-974-9206

Office: Room 81


Areas of Expertise

Advocacy, Civil Rights Law, Clinical Law, Constitutional Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Gender & Sexuality Law, Procedural Law
Vojdik, Valorie


JD, 1986, New York University School of Law

AB, 1982, Brown University




Books & Chapters

  • Theorizing Sexual Violence Against Men and Women in Conflict, in Olga Jurasz and Solange Mouthaan, eds., Gender nd International Criminal Law (Intersentia, forthcoming).
  • United States v. Virginia, Linda Berger, Bridget Crawford, Kathryn Stanchi, eds., Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2016). 
  • Islamic Covering Through a Masculinities Lens, in MASCULINITIES AND LAW: A MULTIDIMENSIONAL APPROACH, Ann McGinley and Frank Rudy Cooper, ed. (NYU Press 2012).
  • Domestic Violence and Gender Equality Under the U.S. and South African Constitutions, in LAW AND RIGHTS: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES OF CONSTITUTIONALISM AND GOVERNANCE, Penelope E. Andrews and Susan Bazilli, ed. (Vanderplas Publishing 2008) 
  • The Combat Exclusion is Unconstitutional and Should Be Struck Down, AT ISSUE: SHOULD WOMEN BE ALLOWED TO SERVE IN COMBAT ROLES IN THE U.S. ARMED FORCES (Thompson Gale 2008)

Articles & Other Works

  • Sexual Violence Against Men and Women in War: A Masculinities Approach, 14 Nevada Law Journal 923 (2014).
  • Politics of the Headscarf in Turkey: Masculinities, Feminism, and the Construction of Collective Identities, 33:2 Harvard Journal of Law & Gender 661 (Spring 2010)
  • Conceptualizing Intimate Violence and Gender Equality: A Comparative Approach, 31 Fordham International Law Journal 487 (January 2008)
  • Gender-Based Abuse and Exploitation of Women by U.N. Peacekeepers, 15 Michigan Journal of International Law 157 (2007) (symposium) 
  • Beyond Stereotyping in Equal Protection Doctrine: Reframing the Exclusion of Women From Combat, 57 Alabama L. Rev. 303 (2005).
  • Comments, Symposium: Women and War: A Critical Discourse, Panel Two – Women Warriors, 20 Berkeley J. Gender, Law and Justice (2005)
  • Gender Outlaws: Challenging Masculinity in Traditionally Male Institutions, 17 Berkeley Women’s Law Journal 68 (2002), reprinted in Carol H. Lefcourt, WOMEN AND THE LAW (Clark Boardman Callaghan 2004), excerpted in Abrams, Cahn, Ross, and Meyer, CONTEMPORARY FAMILY LAW 2d Ed. (West 2009) at p. 196.
  • The Invisibility of Gender in War, 9 Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy 261 (2002)
  • Afterword: A Thought About Feminist Litigation Strategies, 20 W. New England L. Rev. 136 (1998)
  • Girls’ Schools After VMI: Do They Make the Grade?, Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy 69 (1997)
  • At War: Narrative Tactics in The Citadel and VMI Litigation, 19 Harvard Women’s Law Journal 1 (1996)