Grayfred  B. Gray

Gray Grayford
  • Associate Professor of Law Emeritus

  • B.A., 1961, Washington & Lee University
    J.D., 1968, Vanderbilt University


Publications of Grayfred  B. Gray

Professor Gray retired as a member of the University of Tennessee College of Law during the summer of 2001. During his 28 years as a member of the faculty, Prof. Gray was involved in the practice of mediation and in programs in which law students mediated cases before Tennessee courts and federal, state, and local government agencies.

During 1999-2000 Professor Gray served as draftsman for the Tennessee Title 33 Revision Commission, which comprehensively revised the title. The code on services to mentally ill and developmentally disabled people which he authored was enacted as Tennessee Public Chapter 947 on June 23, 2000. The title contains new statutes in Normalized form that facilitate the development of legal expert systems.

Professor Gray co-wrote the mediation manual that is currently in use by the Knox County General Sessions Court. He also has an interest in legal expert systems and has been published in the John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law, Jurimetrics Journal, and the Journal for the Integrated Study of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Applied Epistemology.

Professor Gray received the Loevinger Prize from Jurimetrics Journal, the Bass, Berry & Sims Faculty Award for Service to the Bench and Bar, and a Chancellor’s Citation for Extraordinary Community Service.


Biography of Grayfred  B. Gray

Books & Chapters

Co-editor and co-author, with Margaret Armancas-Fisher, Project Directors Manual: A Manual for Teaching Law Students to Teach Law (1991).

An Experiment with Normalized Statutes in an EMYCIN Expert System, in Computer Power and Legal Language at 225 (Charles A. Walter, ed., 1988).

Statutes Enacted in Normalized Form: The Legislative Experience in Tennessee, in Computing Power and Legal Reasoning at 467 (Charles A. Walter, ed., 1985).


Co-author, A Logic for Statutory Law, 35 Jurimetrics J. 121-51 (1995)(winner of Loevinger Prize).

Lead author, Legal Expert System Building: A Semi-Intelligent Computer Program Makes It Easier, 12 J. of Computer and Information L. 555 (1994).

Co-author, Readability of the Law: Forms of Law for Building Legal Expert Systems, 33 Jurimetrics J. 189 (1993) (co-author).

Preparing Enacted Normalized Statutes for an Expert System, 4 CCAI: Journal for the Integrated Study of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Applied Epistemology 389 (1988).

Reducing Unintended Ambiguity in Statutes: An Introduction to Normalization of Statutory Drafting, 54 Tenn. L. Rev. 433 (1987).

Other Works

Tennessee Family Law (1998).

Lead author, A Mediation Manual for Knox County General Sessions Court (1998).

Lead author, A Human Rights Mediation Manual (1998).

Mediation Clinic Handbook (1999).

Drafter, first four computer-readable statutes enacted (Tenn. 1982-84, 1986).

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