College of Law

Giving Societies

Gifts made to the University of Tennessee College of Law make a tremendous difference in the lives of UT Law students. Thanks to your support, UT College of Law can continue its tradition of delivering excellence while educating the leaders of tomorrow.

In appreciation for these gifts, donors receive recognition through membership in one of several giving societies. These societies honor individuals who contribute a minimum of $2,500 annually or establish endowments or bequests that support the College of Law.

UT Law is grateful for the generosity of the individuals, corporations and foundations who have made the following giving societies possible:

Tennessee Hall Society ($1 million+)

From the college’s original building, Tennessee Hall, at the corner of Cumberland and Poplar to our current location on Cumberland between 16th and James Agee, the University of Tennessee College of Law has always stood proudly serving as a beacon of legal education. In the same way that the college’s building is a monument to education, our donors who have committed $1 million or more to the college represent our continued commitment to excellence in legal education.

Donors are:

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Roy T. Campbell, Jr.
  • Jim Clayton
  • Carl E. Colloms
  • Joel and Kane Katz
  • George T. “Buck” and Malinda Lewis
  • Allen Separk
  • Jerry H. Summers

Harold C. Warner Society (Endowments)

Harold C. Warner brought the UT College of Law into our modern history through his leadership as dean. To recognize his work in advancing the college, the Col. Warner Society recognizes a special group of individuals and businesses whose support strengthens our College now and forever. It honors donors who have established an endowed fund at the University of Tennessee College of Law.

Each endowment is an expression of the unique interests and concerns of its founder. Some endowments are important tributes or lasting memorials to loved ones. Others are an expression of the founder’s commitment to a particular cause – scholarship, faculty support, program support, the law library services, clinical education, and many more. And some are discretionary endowments that allow the College of Law the flexibility to respond to changing needs over time.

Every endowment is an integral piece of the philanthropic resources of the College of Law. And each donor is making a difference in the lives of others today, and for generations to come.

Donors are:

  • Aslan Foundation
  • H. “Buddy” and Lisa Avery
  • Herbert M. Bacon
  • Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
  • Bass, Berry & Sims PLC
  • Bernard and Barbara Bernstein
  • Gladys Stamm Boester
  • Bonnie C. Bolejack
  • Clayton Family Foundation
  • Carl E. Colloms
  • Bobby Lee Cook
  • Betsey B. Creekmore
  • David D. Creekmore
  • Donna Davis
  • William W. Davis
  • The Devitt Family
  • Arlene Diesenhouse
  • Jason and Susan Epstein
  • Roy C. Flowers
  • Suzanne and Charles Forlidas
  • Elizabeth A. Fox
  • Frantz, McConnell & Seymour, LLP
  • Thomas C. and Susan S. Galligan
  • Sidney W. Gilreath
  • McDonald Gray, III
  • Lucy and Louis Gump
  • Morris and Anne Hadden
  • William and Claudia Haltom
  • Morris Herndon
  • Michael and Carol Hickey
  • Reginald Hill
  • Robert Hill
  • Hodges, Doughty & Carson, PLLC
  • Mary Jo Hoover
  • F. Maddox Foundation
  • Homer A. and Ida S. Jones Trust
  • Joel A. Katz
  • Kennerly Montgomery & Finley, P.C.
  • Kingsport Bar Association
  • Kramer Rayson LLP
  • Christopher and Quinita LaPorte
  • Sam and Marlo LaPorte
  • Felix B. Laughlin
  • Harry W. Laughlin
  • Harry W. Laughlin, III
  • Thomas E. Lauria
  • Deborah F. Lauria
  • Lawyers’ Association for Women
  • Arthur and Carlton Long
  • Donald and Catherine Lusk
  • Manier & Herod PC
  • Robert S. Marquis
  • Payson Matthews, III
  • Blakeley D. Matthews
  • Arthur and Charlotte McClellan
  • Jane R. Morgan
  • James R. Omer
  • Lyn Orr
  • Pilot/Flying J
  • Thomas R. Prewitt, Jr.
  • Ann Jarvis Pruitt and Ronald E. Pruitt
  • Robert E. Pryor and Family
  • Ritchie, Dillard, & Davies, P.C.
  • Jon and Mintha Roach
  • Claude K. Robertson
  • John T. Milburn Rogers
  • Scott Rose
  • Allen Separk
  • Ben G. Sissman
  • Patricia Snyder
  • Wanda and John Sobieski, Jr.
  • Southeastern Bankruptcy Law Institute, Inc.
  • Jacalyn Diesenhouse Stewart
  • Scott Stolnitz
  • Theresa Stone
  • Jerry H. Summers
  • Ann Taylor
  • Mark and Cathy Travis
  • Frankie E. Wade
  • Gary R. Wade
  • Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
  • John B. Waters, Jr.
  • Melanie Wilson and L.M. Reeves
  • Tom and Kathryn Wilson
  • Woolf, McClane, Bright, Allen & Carpenter, PLLC
  • Katie and Nathan Zipper

Thomas J. Freeman Society (Estate Plans)

The Thomas J. Freeman Society, named for UT College of Law’s first dean, recognizes and honors individuals and families who, through their estate plans, have established a planned gift of any size benefiting UT College of Law. These future gifts can take many forms, such as a bequest through a will or personal trust or one of several charitable life-income plans.

Donors are:

  • Mary Elizabeth Abernathy
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • H. and Lisa Avery
  • Herbert M. Bacon
  • John A. A. Bellamy
  • Douglas and Christine Blaze
  • Roy T. Campbell, Jr.
  • Thomas and Nancy Campbell
  • Carl E. Colloms
  • Gail Gray Cummingham
  • Thomas and Susan Dillard
  • James and Diane Drinnon
  • Karen C. Ellis
  • Theophilus and Betty Emison
  • Neal Fischer
  • Judith A. Flanagan
  • Roger and Karen Gilbert
  • Dickson and Judy Grissom
  • Gregory and Katherine Hamilton
  • Woodrow and Elizabeth Henderson
  • Michael H. Hickey
  • Reginald Hill
  • John C. Hine
  • Douglas and Melissa Hutson
  • David and Ruth Jones
  • Joel and Kane Katz
  • John R. LaBar
  • Christopher and Quinita LaPorte
  • Sam and Marlo LaPorte
  • George T. “Buck” and Malinda Lewis
  • Whitney Johns Martin
  • Arthur and Charlotte McClellan
  • Robert and Jamie Montgomery
  • Steven and Evelyn Oberman
  • Jimmy and Jill-Anne Owen
  • Allen Separk
  • Stephanie L. Slater
  • Jerry and Betty Smith
  • Alan and Beverly Spear
  • Jerry Summers
  • Charles W. Swanson and Pamela L. Reeves
  • Steven and Carolyn Terry
  • Walter and Patricia Trent
  • Frankie E. Wade
  • James and Josephine Webb
  • Edward G. White, II

1890 Society

In 1890, the University of Tennessee College of Law opened its doors to the first class of law students in Knoxville. That class had only three students and one faculty member, but from those humble beginnings an institution known for excellent legal education through the focused combination of doctrinal coursework and practical experience has flourished.

The College of Law relies on the continued support of donors each year who give to the College Fund for Law and other areas of the school. The dedication and generosity of these donors enables the College of Law to make bold progress in legal education.

Alumni and friends gifting $2,500 or more during the current calendar year to the College Fund will be members of this group of esteemed supporters for the remainder of the calendar year and the next year. In an effort to continue the college’s legacy of excellence, alumni and friends are encouraged to make a gift like this each and every year. We hope everyone will consider making a yearly commitment to be part of this inner circle.

The 2017 calendar year donors are:

  • Eric T. and Marcee Addington
  • Gary P. and Patricia A. Arnold
  • Barbara and Marc Cromie
  • Dee A. Dorsey and Jason Bazar
  • Howard and Charlotte Dunbar
  • Myron and Jayne Ely
  • Floyd and Guinda Flippin
  • Elizabeth Ford and Mike Driskill
  • Hon. Herschel and Judy Franks
  • Keith and Tracy Frazier
  • Joseph and Ann Huie
  • Richard and Ashley Kebrdle
  • Michelle M. Kwon
  • Todd and Betty Lepage
  • John R. Phillips, Jr.
  • Richard and Donna Plumley
  • Betty T. Rhoades
  • Richard L. Rose
  • Briana and Peter Rosenbaum
  • Sherrie N. Rutherford
  • Austin D. Thacker
  • Professor Penny J. White
  • Winston S. Williams

Maude Riseden Hughett and RBJ Campbelle Jr. Society

Maude Riseden Hughett (1909) and RBJ Campbelle Jr. (’56) were pioneers at UT Law as the first female graduate and the first black graduate, respectively. Both Hughett and Campbelle helped establish the college’s foundation as a diverse and inclusive law school community.

Alumni and friends who give between $1,000 and $2,499 to the College Fund during the current calendar year will be members of this group of valued supporters for the following calendar year. In an effort to continue the college’s legacy of excellence, alumni and friends are encouraged to make a gift like this each and every year. We hope everyone will consider making a yearly commitment to be part of this foundational society.

The 2017 calendar donors are:

  • Matthew K. and Leigh Avery
  • Margaret L. Behm and Harlan Dodson
  • Hugh B. and Celia F. Bright, Jr.
  • Paul and Emily Campbell III
  • Gilbert H. Deitch
  • Cary Blancett and Denise Dufour
  • Jim and Betty L. Emison
  • Hon. George and Kay Faircloth
  • Melanie E. and Jeff E. Flickinger
  • Gerald W. Fudge
  • Mary T. Gallagher
  • Kevin N. Graham
  • Julia G. and William C.  Hoppe, Jr.
  • Sean and Jaqueline Jones
  • Justice Sharon G. Lee
  • Ann Marston
  • John Marston
  • Thomas E. and Kathleen Plank
  • David and Cynthia Smythe
  • James G. and Hon. Jane B. Stranch III
  • John P. and Hope M. Williamson III
  • John W. and Vicki F. Whitworth