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Academic Success Program

UT LawThe Academic Success Program (ASP) provides seminars, courses, and individual conferences designed to enhance the analytical skills required for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in the practice of law. The program is comprehensive providing academic success resources to students from orientation through bar exam preparation. The ASP is a collaborative effort of faculty, administration, and students.

First-year students

First-year students are encouraged to attend the ASP fall seminars designed to assist them as they transition to this new learning environment. The Keys to Success seminars focus on helping new law students fulfill their academic potential and reach their academic goals. Seminar topics include balance, synthesis, legal analysis, and exam strategies. In the spring, first-year students are encouraged to continue to enhance their analytical skills by participating in weekly sessions hosted by the Law Fellows, who are upper-level students selected for their academic excellence, teaching ability, and leadership in the law school community. Law Fellows are trained by the ASP to lead workshops that focus on legal analysis and problem solving and to give valuable feedback designed to guide students in developing active and practical strategies for learning.

Upper-level students

Upper-level students are encouraged to attend seminars designed to raise their awareness about the bar exam and bar exam preparation. Seminar topics range from selecting the right course for your learning style to mastering the bar exam performance test. Third-year students can jumpstart their preparation for the bar exam by enrolling in the bar exam law, skills, and strategies course.

All students are encouraged to meet with the ASP director during office hours or schedule an appointment to discuss any academic success and bar preparation questions or concerns.

Contact/schedule an appointment

Renee Nicole Allen
Director, Academic Success Program

Phone: 865-974-6807
Office: Room 347